The Hindu Jajmani System : A Socio-Economic System Interrelating Members of a Hindu Village Community in Services

William Henricks Wiser, Koshal, 1999, Reprint, xix, 175 p, ISBN : 8186049045, $18.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. Introduction. 1. Jajmani functional responsibilities in Karimpur. 2. Jajmani compensation and rights in Karimpur. 3. Disintegrating features of the Hindu Jajmani system. 4. Evaluation of the Hindu Jajmani system.

"The Hindu Jajmani System remains a fascinating subject for students of anthropology because of the complex Inter-change of services and goods between the various castes. Because there has been little else written regarding the economic aspects of caste and the steady demand for this book, it is reprinted in a third edition.

"This study is of the Jajmani system in a North India village and the author's information comes from personal experiences and knowledge. The functional responsibilities are described in detail from the highest to the lowest caste. This includes every kind of service from religious instruction to entertainment by dancing girls. In return for these services appropriate compensation is given in the form of service and/or payment in cash or kind. Members of each caste are obliged to fulfil their duties and realize the rights. It they do not carry out these obligations the village can put pressure and see that they do so. Even grazing rights of animals feature in this system. The last two sections show how the Jajmani system has been disintegrating gradually, and discusses its advantages and disadvantages." (jacket)

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