A Hermit in the Himalayas

Paul Brunton, Shubhi, 1999, Reprint, 322 p, ISBN : 8187226188, $41.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. The philosophy of friendship--on Pony back in the Himalayas--my Bungalow on a mountain top. 2. Projected expedition to mount Kailas in Tibet magnificence of the Snowy Mountain scenery--I discover "The Sanctuary". 3. A meditation on British rule in India and on political strife--necessity of spiritualizing politics--the control of thoughts--a secret of concentration. 4. My quest of inner stillness--the remembrance of former births--a Buddhist method of tapping pre-natal memory nature's purpose with mankind--on unity with nature. 5. Unexpected visit by two Yogis-pilgrims and shrines in the Himalayas--power out of stillness. 6. A cross-section through my mail--a would be suicide and my answer--Telepathic Aid to stude nts. 7. Reflections upon the future of Tibet-sir Francis Young husband's experiences--destiny of orient and occident. 8. A correspondent decries my retreat from the world--the virtues of idleness and solitude--my religion--the new testament--Jesus and his critics. 9. Storm precursors of the Monsoon--my animal visitors--the question of clothes. 10. Another visit by a Yogi--his adventurous journey from Kashmir to Mount Kailas--his wanderings in western Tibet--How his master lived naked amid the snow--Explanations of the feat. 11. On philosophy and fun--Reflections on Mr. Charles Chaplin--His silent art and genius--The necessity of modernising Yoga--The inadvisability of asceticism--Some truths about sex and Yoga. 12. A sacred influx in the stillness--Mountain climbing expeditions and their significance. 13. An encounter with a panther--The problem of nature's cruelty. 14. A visit of a Nepalese Prince--A queer experience with a Fakir and a spirit--We explore a beautiful river valley--An adventure with a mad elephant--Buddhism in Nepal--Krishna and Buddha compared.

15. My nightly vigils in the open--Reflections on the stars--The truth about astrology--The mystery of Sirius--Are the planets peopled?--The symbolism of the sun--The Deodar--tree speaks--Farewell to my Bungalow. 16. I set out again on horseback--Gorgeous Panorama in Tehri State--My journey along the ridge tops and mountain trails--Through the forests in the darkness--I arrive at Pratapnagar. 17. The snowy giants of Himalaya--an attack by a bear. 18. The delights of tea-drinking-How the Monsoon storms break out. Epilogue.

"The author was the only white man living in the little know, state of Tehri. The scene is set amid the long and famous ranges of mountains which separates India from Central Asia. The author has done justice by praising the forest clothed ranges and snow clad heights of Himalayas.

"This work is more interesting then a studiously composed work for it bears an air of intimacy and frankness. The book is intended for those who have sympathy for the inner life of the spirit as author has explained asiatic philosphies and spiritual techniques included yoga in scientific rational, modern and unsectarian manner. In the book one also comes across scriptures of most religions where mention is made of the spirit speaking in different ways through different tongues and different men. These memoirs of the authors life in the Himalayas cannot escope from a quality which gives added interest and attraction to literature and they also have the blessing of the hidden sages of the Holy Himalayas." (jacket)

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