Biodiversity in Nepal : Status and Conservation

Ram P. Chaudhary, S. Devi (Kathmandu), 1999, 324 p, colour photos, line drawings, maps, $79.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Why this book? 1. Introduction. 1. Nepal : a country of unique biogeography. 3. Status of biodiversity. 4. Loss of biodiversity. 5. Why biodiversity conservation? 6. Sustainable use of plant diversity - Nepalese perspective. 7. Ethnobotany. 8. Practice in biodiversity conservation. 9. Strategies for biodiversity conservation. 10. Protected areas. 11. Legislation and policy. 12. Systematics and biodiversity. 13. Select references. 14. Appendices. 15. Index.

"This book entitled Biodiversity in Nepal : Status and Conservation has been written to provide the general readers about the unique as well as rich biodiversity of this Himalayan country. This book also includes the author's wide experience in the area of biodiversity conservation. Besides, biodiversity has been included in the course contents of recently framed three years syllabus in the Bachelors degree in science in Tribhuvan University. As such, the book has been written to cater the needs of the scientists, academics, teachers, students policy makers and social workers."

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