Monograph on Silver Oak (Grevillea Robusta)

P. Devaraj, V. Sugavanam and S. Durairaj, International, 1999, 165 p, plates, ISBN : 8170892678, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. Distribution and morphology. 2. Life history. 3. Anatomy. 4. Silviculture and management. 5. Mycorrhizal association. 6. Physical and chemical properties. 7. Insect pests and their management. 8. Diseases and their management. 9. Utilization. 10. Marketing. References. Glossary.

About the Book: "Silver oak (Grevillea robusta), a native of Australia, is initially planted for shade trees in coffee and tea plantations of high altitudes particularly in hilly areas. Later on, this has been widely accepted to be planted in plains as ornamental, farmlands, avenue, road side plantations etc.

"The wood of Grevillea robusta fetches a good market in Indian trades for making body building of lorry and furniture. Due to its economic importance, awareness and better understanding it is largely planted in farm lands.

"The book provides complete information and serve as a handy guide for foresters, researchers in all aspects including morphology, life history, wood anatomy, nursery management, pest and disease control, biofertilizer applications, vegetative propagation etc.

"The multi spectrum damage caused by a variety of insect pests and fungal diseases. Effective management of such destructive pests without affecting environment by chemicals is dealt with current knowledge of Integrated Pest management (IPM). In future, the raising of insect and disease resistant varieties of Grevillea robusta with the help of Biotechnological methods, will be a boon to farmers."

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