A Text Book of Invertebrates

H.S. Bhamrah and Kavita Juneja, Anmol, 1999, 2nd revised edition, 775 p, figs, ISBN : 8126104163, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Protozoa: characters and classification. 3. Euglena. 4. Trypanosoma. 5. Leishmania. 6. Amoeba proteus. 7. Entamoeba histolytica. 8. Elphidium or polystomella. 9. Radiolaria. 10. Monocystis. 11. Plasmodium (Malarial parasite). 12. Eimeria. 13. Paramecium. 14. Vorticella. 15. Nutrition in protozoa. 16. Reproduction in protozoa. 17. Economic importance of protozoa objective: protozoa. 18. Metazoa. 19. Porifera: characters and classification. 20. Leucosolenia. 21. Scypha (Sycon). 22. Histology of sponges. 23. Canal system in sponges. 24. Skeleton in sponges. 25. Reproduction in sponges. 26. Economic importance of sponges objective: porifera. 27. Coelenterata: characters and classification. 28. Hydra. 29. Obelia. 30. Aurelia. 31. Metridium. 32. Coral and coral reef. 33. Polymorphism objective: colenterata. 34. Ctenophora: characters and classification. 35. Pleurobrachia. 36. Platyhelminthes: characters and classification. 37. Dugesia (Planeria). 38. Fasciola hepatica. 39. Taenia solium. 40. Echinococcus granulosus : objective: platyhelminthes. 41. Aschelminthes: characters and classification. 42. Ascaries lumbricoides. 43. Ancylostoma. 44. Wuchereria (=Fileria) bancrofti). 45. Parasitism and parasitic adaptations : objective: aschelminthes. 46. Annelida: characters and classification. 47. Neanthes-Nereis. 48. Pheretima posthuma. 49. Hirundinaria granulosa. 50. Archiannelida. 51. Segmentation in annelida. 52. Excretion in annelida : objective: annelida. 53. Arthropoda: characters and classification. 54. Palaemon. 55. Prawn fishery. 56. Periplaneta americana. 57. Musca. 58. Mosquitoes. 59. Apis (Honey bee). 60. Cimex (Bedbug). 61. Termites. 62. Bombyx mori. 63. Mouth parts in insects. 64. Respiration in insects. 65. Metamorphosis in insects. 66. Scorpions. 67. Peripatus : objective: arthropoda. 68. Mollusca: characters and classification. 69. Pila globosa. 70. Unio. 71. Sepia. 72. Pearl and pearl industry : objective mollusca. 73. Echinodermata: characters and classification. 74. Asterias. 75. Water vascular in echinodermata. 76. Larval forms in echinodermata : objective: echinodermata. 77. Hemichordata: characters and classification. 78. Balanoglossus : objective: hemichordate.

"The present title is a thoroughly revised, enlarged and comprehensive uptodate textbook. This is an indispensable text meeting complete requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate students of zoology. It has been designed to approach the morphology, anatomy, physiology and development of selected type in a very simple and lucid style. According to the scheme of treatment the important animal types of each phylum have been dealt with first, and efforts have been made to present their elaborate and uptodate account. In the description of animal types special emphasis has been laid on the functioning of organs. General characters and classification and brief description of other important types of the phylum have also been dealt with complete authentic and uptodate account. Separate chapters on topics of significance and general interest pertaining to the phylum have been also added to make the treatment more elaborate. Adaptations of animal type have been discussed in detail to reveal their relation with the environment." (jacket)

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