A Text Book of Energy Technology : Both Conventional & Renewable Source of Energy

B. Muzumdar, APH, 1999, v, 208 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8176481017, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Different forms of energy: i). Solar energy. ii). Biomass energy. iii). Wind energy. iv). Nuclear energy. v). Hydropower. vi). Tidal, wave, and ocean Thermal energy. vii). Geothermal energy. viii). Hydrogen energy. 3. Fossil energy: i). Coal. ii). Petrol. 4. Principles of energy conversion. 5. Energy economics: i). Cost of material from energy consideration. ii). Energy-in and energy-out analysis. iii). Break-even point calculation. iv). Pay-back period calculation. v). Cost benefit analysis. vi). Life cycle costing. vii). Prospective rate of return. vii). Economics of energy conversion processes. 6. Measurement of energy & power: i). Power & energy measuring devices. ii). Electricity control & measurement. iii). Units and conversion factors for energy management. 7. Principles of energy conservation: i). Energy losses in transmission. ii). Industrial energy conservation. iii). Energy conservation in transport system. iv). Energy conservation in buildings by solar architecture. v). Energy conservation in agricultures. 8. Energy management: i). Energy management in buildings (HVAC system). ii). Energy management in lighting systems. iii). Management of energy in process industry. iv). Application of computer in energy management. 9. Energy planning: i). Nature & implications of energy planning. ii). Selection of appropriate technology. iii). Principles of energy cascading. iv). Central tax planning on energy issues. v). Micro and Macro planning by computer models. vi). Energy planning strategy in India-a case study. 10. Energy and environment: i). Energy use & its effect on environment & ecology. ii). Health Hazard limit & pollution monitoring devices. iii). Economics of energy generation pollution control systems. iv). Strategies & role of Government. 11. Energy forecasting. Bibliography. Index.

"This book is the result of the authors long standing research experience in the field of both conventional and renewable sources of energy. This book is written with the aim to equip the student for both practical work after studies & know the potential areas of research for future development. Accordingly the book has slightly deviated from its course from conventional books and has emphsized on many new accounting techniques for assesing both quality & quantity of energy from economic view point. In order to make it more compatible with the situation in India in particular & Asean countries in general, emphasis has been placed on both coal & hydrocarbon fuel cells. The text encourgages reader to improvise his own creative computing technique commensurate with newer discoveries & future developments in energy field. This book thus will serve as a text book for under-graduate courses & also a source book for research students as well. Stress has also been made on environment consideration to understand the energy problem in its totality." (jacket)

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