Art of Indian Cuisine

Rocky Mohan, Roli, 2000, 144 p, colour photographs, ISBN : 8174360832, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Art of Indian Cuisine/Rocky Mohan

Contents: Preface. I. Indian spices and ingredients. II. Making masalas at home. III. Flavouring and smoking techniques. IV. Traditional cooking styles and basic Indian recipes: 1. Chicken. 2. Lamb. 3. Liver, egg, kidney. 4. Fish. 5. Vegetables. 6. Pulses. 7. Rice. 8. Desserts. 9. Raitas. 10. Chutneys. Index.

"Indian cuisine traditionally conjures up images of tantalizing food steeped in fragrant spices, enriched with subtleties of different flavours, exotic methods of cooking such as dum, baghar, dhungar... This haute cuisine has, however, remained the allure of speciality restaurants and gourmet cooks.

"Art of Indian Cuisine changes all that! Having perfected his mouth-watering recipes for over a decade, Rocky Mohan brings these luscious preparations within the convenient reach of a modern kitchen with ease. Lucid and simple instructions to cook in varying styles, making masalas at home, flavouring and smoking techniques--all possible with user-friendly gadgets and easy availability of ingredients, make this book different to others.

"A 'must-have', this lavishly illustrated book can give your kitchen a pride of place and make cooking a rewarding experience. Adapt traditional Indian extravaganza into almost 'instant' gourmet fare as you turn out a celebration of delight on your very own table." (jacket)

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