Agricultural Disaster Management in Bangladesh

Hugh Brammer, University Press , 1999, xix, 427 p, maps, tables, figs, ISBN : 9840514482, $41.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Agricultural Disaster Management in Bangladesh/Hugh Brammer

Contents: Preface. I. Context: 1. The context of disasters. II. Procedures: 2. Disaster preparedness planning. 3. Institutional responsibilities. 4. Rehabilitation programme procedures. 5. Thana contingency and rehabilitation plans. 6. How to operate the extension control room. 7. How to monitor and interpret meteorological and climatic data. 8. Measures to protect capital investment projects from floods. III. Disasters: 9. Flood. 10. Drought. 11. Cyclone. 12. Storm surge. 13. Untimely rainfall. 14. River-bank erosion. 15. Burial by alluvium. 16. Landslide. 17. Line squall and hail. 18. Salinization. 19. Pest and disease epidemic. IV. Experience: 20. Soil and physiographic conditions affecting rehabilitation of the cyclone-affected coastal areas November 1970. 21. Lessons from the 1978-79 drought. 22. Lessons for planners and administrators. References. General index. Crops index.

"This book includes selected papers on agricultural disaster management based on the author's thirty-five years' experience in agricultural development in Bangladesh. This was a field in which the author did pioneering work: first by analysing the impacts of natural disasters on agricultural production and indicating practical rehabilitation measures for different kinds of land and soils month by month through out the year; then by codifying institutional procedures for reporting and assessing crop damage and for organizing appropriate relief and rehabilitation measures. Although the information and procedures relate specifically to Bangladesh, the principles described in this book can be applied in other countries, especially in countries where small-scale farmers predominate." (jacket)

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