Culture Change in India : Identity and Globalization

Yogendra Singh, Rawat , 2000, 260 p, ISBN : 9788170335559, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Culture Change in India : Identity and Globalization/Yogendra Singh

Contents: Introduction. 1. The significance of culture in the understanding of social change in contemporary India. 2. Globalization and local cultures: issues and perspectives in India. 3. Is globalization a threat to regional and local identities? 4. Social change: rise of popular culture. 5. Myth, history and reason: culture and nation-building in India. 6. Language legitimation and identity: status of Urdu and Muslims in India since independence. 7. The desired role of political leadership in economic reforms. 8. A life-world of disenchantment: modernity, ethnicity and pluralism. 9. Community, change and alienation. 10. Leisure and social change: emerging issues in India. 11. Sociology and the emerging challenge of change. Index.

"Culture Change in India: Identity and Globalization offers a critical evaluation of changes in cultural values, institutions and ideologies which constitute India's response to the contemporary challenges from the forces of cutlural and economic globalization. In the backdrop of discussions of conceptual and theoretical issues in the study of culture and its processes of change, it evaluates the significance of the present social structure of the Indian society, its historical past and contemporary processes in defining the boundaries and directions of the changes in its cultural systems, whether at the level of locality, region, nation or civilization. It is argued that the unique quality of this relationship between culture and social structure in India, and its adaptive dynamism to meet with new cultural challenges, has provided it resilience to preserve its cultural identity." (jacket)

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