Divorce and Muslim Women

S.A.H. Moinuddin, Rawat, 2000, 188 p, tables, ISBN : 8170335576, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Divorce and Muslim Women/S.A.H. Moinuddin

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Survey and methodology. 3. Muslim Communities in contemporary India. 4. Status of women in Islam. 5. Family, marriage and divorce among the Bengali Muslims. 6. Practice of Purdah. 7. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.

"The present study is an exploration of the practice of divorce among the Muslim women in India, with particular reference to West Bengal. It examines the incidence of divorce and separation, the manner in which it takes place, the social and other causes due to which it persists, and the position of the divorced and separated Muslim women in society. The nature and extent of the problem has been analyzed in the light of the empirical evidences collected by carrying out fieldwork in two gram Panchayats of West Bengal. The study also looks into the socio-psychological problems of divorced and separated women.

"With its original data and fresh theoretical perspective, the book will interest social scientists and women activists alike." (jacket)

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