History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization : Vol. I, Part I : The Dawn of Indian Civilization (up to c. 600 BC)

Edited by G.C. Pande, Munshiram, 1999, xxxii, 787 p, maps, figs, plates, ISBN : 8187586001, $88.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. General introduction/D.P. Chattopadhyaya. Introduction/G.C. Pande. I. Historiography of Ancient India: 1. Sources of ancient Indian history/V.C. Srivastava. 2. Puranic historiography of the Vedic age/S.N. Roy. II. Geography and Ethnography: 3. Physical features of India/Indra Pal. 4. Human geography of India/Indra Pal. 5. Approaches to Indian ethnography/Badri Narayan Tiwari. III. Prehistory, Technology and Social Evolution: 6. A brief note on Indian stone age archaeology/V.D. Misra. 7. Prehistoric technology/Prakash Sinha. 8. The emergence of culture in the Vindhya-Ganga region with special reference to old stone age/Radha Kant Varma. 9. Cave paintings of Central India/Sushila Pant. 10. Agriculture, domestication of animals, ceramic and other industries in prehistoric India: mesolithic and neolithic/V.D. Misra. IV. Proto-History (Harappan and Chalcolithic Cultures): 11. The Indus-Sarasvati civilization: beginnings and developments/S.P. Gupta. 12. Religious and burial practices of Harappans: Indian evidence/Jagat Pati Joshi. 13. Harappans and the Rgveda: points of convergence/R.S. Bisht. 14. Decline and legacy of the phase of Indus civilization/B.B. Lal. 15. Chalcolithic cultures and technology in India/D.P. Agrawal. 16. Early iron technology and its socio-economic impact/Vibha Tripathi. 17. Rise of cultures in eastern India/Purushottam Singh. 18. Material culture of South India as revealed in archaeological excavations/K.V. Raman. V. The Vedas, Vedic Society and Ideas: 19. The Vedas: their authors and significance/G.C. Pande. 20. Vedic society/Sibesh Bhattacharya. 21. Vedic rituals/Kishore Nath Jha. 22. Vedic and upanisadic philosophy/Arvind Sharma. 23. Astronomy and its role in Vedic culture/Subhash Kak. VI. Foundations and Beginnings of Systematic Science: 24. Vedic technology/Prem Sagar Chaturvedi. 25. Foundations of Indian mathematics and geometrical ideas in the Sulba Sutras/S.A. Paramhans. 26. Vedanga astronomy/S.N. Jha. 27. Development of Ayurveda from antiquity to AD 300/P.V. Sharma. 28. Panini, Katyayana and Patanjali: an overview of Sanskrit grammatical tradition/Rama Nath Sharma. Bibliography. Index.

"This first volume is a new adventure in the historiography of Indian civilization. It avoids the ethnic and west centred bias which has been a legacy of colonial historiography. It seeks strict scientific objectivity, differing from all hitherto existing volumes of this kind by giving due attention to science and philosophy in the history of Indian civilization.

"The contributions are based on the first-hand and critical study of the original sources by the best known experts. While meticulously attending to chronology and hard data, the volume also seeks to understand scientific and philosophical concepts, methods and theories. It seeks to present the symbolic world of art and culture as grounded in moral vision as well as social reality. The work is designed to be of use to scholars and specially to students and general readers.

"The volume is divided into six sections: Historiography; Geography and Ethnography; Prehistory, Technology and Social Evolution; Proto-History; The Vedas, Vedic Society and Ideas; and Foundations and beginnings of systematic science." (jacket)

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