The National Income of India in the Twentieth Century

S. Sivasubramonian, OUP, 2000, xxx, 655 p, tables, ISBN : 0195650506, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

The National Income of India in the Twentieth Century/S. Sivasubramonian

Contents: I. Annual estimates of national income of India, 1900-1 to 1946-7: 1. Introduction. 2. Population and working force. 3. Income from the primary sector. 4. Income from the secondary sector. 5. Income from the tertiary sector. 6. National income and gross domestic product of undivided India, 1900-1 to 1946-7. 7. Long-term trends, 1900-1 to 1946-7. II. Long-term trends in GDP, 1947-8 to 1999-2000: 8. National income and gross domestic product of India, 1947-8 to 1999-2000. 9. Long-term trends, 1947-8 to 1999-2000. Index.

“This is the first book to present the series of national income estimates of India for the entire period from 1900 to 2000. Written by one of the foremost authorities on the subject in the country, this comprehensive volume:

is a compact source of quality data on growth and structural change in national income puts forth a comparative picture of the pace and pattern of growth in India fills the gaps in national income accounts by estimating real product at 1948-9 prices thereby providing a common base for comparison for pre- and post-independence India presents annual estimates of real national income for colonial India, including native states, marshalling all available data and applying standard methodologies

overcomes pitfalls of earlier conflicting interpretations due to divergent conjectures of economic historians.

Researchers, managers of data systems, national income statisticians, and students of Indian economic history and development will find this an invaluable reference.” (jacket)

[S. Sivasubramonian retired in 1990 as National Accounts Adviser at the United Nations. He has worked in several developing countries all over the world. Prior to 1966, he was a faculty member of the Delhi School of Economics.]

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