Electoral Politics in India : Election Process and Outcomes, Voting Behaviour and Current Trends

Meenu Roy, Deep & Deep, 2000, 316 p, tables, ISBN : 8176292745, $34.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Electoral Politics in India : Election Process and Outcomes, Voting Behaviour and Current Trends/Meenu Roy

Contents: Preface. 1. Election machinery and electoral process in India. 2. Second downfall of Vajpayee Government. 3. Promises and achievements of BJP-led Government. 4. The BJP between identity and power . 5. The Congress—party in retreat. 6. Election panorama-North India. 7. Battle of the Ballot—South India. 8. Electoral politics in North-East. 9. The people’s Millennium mandate. 10. Lessons of 1999. 11. Party manifestos—a review. 12. Flaws and remedies of our electoral process. Conclusions. Bibliography. Index.

"Indian Democracy, a vibrant one, has withstood many a challenge. It has witnessed twelve Lok Sabha Elections. The author has developed an expertise in election studies. This book is the fourth in the series of election studies. The book incorporates valuable data which helps in the understanding of the electoral politics and general elections in a most comprehensive way. It also gives in a compact form about the election results in the states too.

For some time India has come to settle with the coalition politics. Many a time elections have been forced upon the country without the Government at the centre completing its full term. Elections had been forced upon the country by the Congress when it withdrew support from the Central Government. Due to coalition of many parties, more so by the regional parties, the Governments at the centre have fallen by the way side. But coalition politics have come to stay and it seems to be now a permanent part of the system. The Bhartiya Janta Party also seems to have come to stay in power for sometime to come. It has been able to make inroads in the South and the East.

The book is a sincere attempt by the author for an indepth study of all aspects of the elections—electoral behaviour, caste politics, regional influences, defections, etc, which usually are the very basis of the battle of ballot." (jacket)

[Meenu Roy presently on the Teaching Faculty of Political Science at Government College, Ajmer, Rajasthan, is a Specialist in the Study and Research of Elections & Electoral Politics.]

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