An Introduction to the Mammalian Fauna of the Siwalik System

K.N. Prasad, Prasad Publication, 2001, ISBN : 8175252022, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Siwaliks and equivalent group of rocks in Peninsular India. 3. Primates. 4. Rodentia. 5. Carnivora. 6. Suoidea. 7. Hippopotamoidea. 8. Traguloidea. 9. Giraffoidea. 10. Bovoidea. 11. Equoidea. 12. Rhinocerotoidea. 13. Proboscidea. 14. Edentata. 15. Origin, evolution and migration of Mammals of India. References. Index.

"This book deals with the Mammalian Fauna of the Siwaliks. These mammals became extinct more than Million years ago. Although they became extinct, their hard parts entombed in the Siwalik rocks are available for study and description. A detailed account of the prehistoric mammalian life of the Siwaliks (Biodiversity) with supportive diagrams form the core of the book providing an excellent introduction to Earth Scientists to students and teachers on the origin, evolution and extinction of mammalian life in the Siwaliks. A book of this nature dealing with Siwalik Mammals has not been published so far. To make the book more comprehensive and understandable, several illustrations of individual fossils with description are provided. This publication is expected to stimulate the reader for study and research on Siwalik Mammalia. It is believed that this highly specialised branch of Earth Science "Mammalian Palaeontology" in the form of a text book will go a long way to provide the much needed data for students and research scholars." (jacket)

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