A Description of Indian and Oriental Armour : Illustrated from the Collection Formerly in the India Office Now Exhibited at South Kensington and The Author's Private Collection: With An Introductory Sketch of the Military History of India

Egerton of Tatton, Asian Educational Services, 2001, Reprint. First published: London, 1896, viii, 178 p, plates, maps, ISBN : 8120612051, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. Introduction. I. A sketch of the Military history of India: 1. From the earliest invasions to the conquest of Baber. 2. From Baber to the death of Aurungzebe. 3. From the death of Aurungzebe to the fall of the Mogul Empire. 4. From the fall of the Mogul Empire to the end of the first Burmese War. II. Descriptive catalogue of Indian Arms, with introductory notes on styles of decoration, processes of manufacture, and ethnological characteristics: 1. Decoration applied to Indian Arms, and processes of manufacture: i. Decoration. ii. Processes of manufacture. 2. Catalogue of the arms in the India Museum, with notes on the different races and tribes inhabiting India and the adjacent countries. Groups: 1. Aboriginal and non-Aryan Tribes of Central India and the Andaman Islands. 2 & 3. Aboriginal and Dravidian races of Southern India. 4. Hill tribes of Assam and the North-East frontier. 5. British and native Burma, and Siam. 6. Malayan Peninsula and the Indian Archipelago. 7. Nepal. 8. The Rajputs. 9. Part I. The Mahrattas. II. Mahomedan arms of the Deccan and Mysore. 10. North Western India: i. The Punjab. ii. Sind. 11. North-West frontier, Afghanistan, Persia, China, & c. 12. Arms used for athletic and sacrificial purposes. Artillery. Arab Arms. Catalogue of private collection of oriental Armour and weapons formed by Lord Egerton of Tatton, now at Tatton park: i. Persian and Indian arms, Armour, shields, swords, knives and daggers, maces and axes, spears, bows and arrows, accoutrements. ii. Japanese Armour, & c. iii. Arab Arms, & c. Index.
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