Recent Researches in Plant Anatomy and Morphology

Edited by J.K. Maheshwari, Scientific, 2001, 316 p, ISBN : 8172332696, $72.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Recent Researches in Plant Anatomy and Morphology/edited by J.K. MaheshwariContents: 1. Seed morphology of some taxa of Asteraceae/M. Idu and A.C. Omonhinmin. 2. Epidermal studies in some members of the family Oleaceae/T. Kasturi, T. Pullaiah and K. Sri Rama Murthi. 3. Epidermal and leaf anatomical studies of the tribe Eragrostideae (Poaceae) from West Africa/L.S. Gill and J.K. Mensah. 4. Comparative morpho-histological studies on two Jalapas/H.C. Gupta, Sunil Kumar and D.P. Rastogi. 5. Pharmacognostic studies on Portulaca oleraceae L. I. Leaf/Gautam Banerjee and Ambarish Mukherjee. 6. An anatomical study on Romulea columnae Seb. and Mauri subsp. columnae (Iridaceae)/Hamdi Guray Kutbay, Canan Ozdemir and Mustafa Keskin. 7. Foliar architecture of some medicinally important plants of genus Desmodium Desv./S.S. Deokule and Sunanda S. Kate. 8. Structure and development of stomata in some Sapotaceae/D.C. Bhatt. 9. Structure, floral anatomy of normal and abnormal florets of Tagetes erecta Linn. (Asteraceae)/B.P. Singh and Irvinder Kaur. 10. Wood anatomy of some mangroves of Sundarbans, West Bengal/Sauren Das and Monoranjan Ghose. 11. Epidermal features of some Nigerian species of Aneilema R. Br. (Commelinaceae)/H.O. Edeoga and N.O. Ogbebor. 12. Cuticular morphology of certain species of Ludwigia L. (Onagraceae)/H.O. Edeoga and A.O. Amayo. 13. Embryology of Stylosanthes fruticosa (Retz.) Alston/Ashrafunnisa and T. Pullaiah. 14. Morphology of certain Cymbopogon flexuosus (Nees ex Steud.) Wats, variants with emphasis to ligule, auricle, lamina base and stem node/Kamini K. Sarma, Subhan C. Nath and Pradip K. Borua. 15. Tetrabrachy sunken – a new stomatal type/Akhil Baruah and Subhan C. Nath. 16. Systematic position of Nymphoides hydrophylla/P. Kasinathan and Sylvia Nithia Kumari. 17. Vegetative anatomical studies of Vanda teres Lindl. (Orchidaceae)/Akhil Baruah. 18. Notes on the seedling morphology of Andrographis lineata Nees (Acanthaceae) from Tamil Nadu/C. Alagesaboopathi and V.S. Ramachandran. 19. Experimental taxonomic delimitation of some species in Apogon (Baker) section of the genus Iris/S.V. Ratnam. 20. Comparative anatomy of two Nigerian vegetable plants – Talinum triangulare (Jacq.) Willd. (Portulacaceae) and Vernonia amygdalina Del. (Asteraceae)/Maria O. Nwosu. 21. Mid-rib anatomy and systematics in Dioscorea L. (Dioscoreaceae)/H.O. Edeoga and B.E. Okoli. 22. Comparative morphology of the leaf epidermis in three species of Boerhavia L. (Nyctaginaceae)/H.O. Edeoga and C.I. Ikem. 23. Studies on the tribal position of the genus Clarkella (Rubiaceae)/D.B. Deb. 24. Morphological anatomical and phytochemical observations on two species of Vittaria Smith/J.B. Bhandari and R. Mukhopadhyay. 25. Seedling morphology of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertner/K.T. Augustine. 26. Anatomy of rhizome enlargement in turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)/K.K. Sherlija, K. Unnikrishnan and P.N. Ravindran. 27. Studies on the trichomes of Indian Thottea Rottb. (Aristolochiaceae)/E.S. Santhosh Kumar, C.R. Chitra and Kahn A.E. Shanavas. 28. Structure and development of stomata in some species of Bignoniaceae/D.C. Bhatt. 29. Cypselar features in nineteen taxa of the tribe Senecioneae (Asteraceae) and their taxonomic significance/Sobhan Kr. Mukherjee. 30. Morphological diversity of pappus in the subfamily Asteroideae (Asteraceae)/Sobhan Kr. Mukherjee and A.K. Sarkar. 31. The morphological anatomical and karyological properties of Salvia forskahlei L. (Lamiaceae) in Turkey/Canan Ozdemir and Gulcan Senel. Author index.
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