Eelie and the Big Cats

Arjan Singh, OUP, 2001, Reprint, 87 p, ISBN : 0195657497, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Eelie and the Big Cats/Arjan Singh

Contents: 1. A stranger arrives. 2 Monkey business. 3. Prince of cats. 4. Harriet and Juliette. 5. Likes and dislikes. 6. Tiger in the house. 7. More adventures. 8. Tara chooses freedom. 9. Growing old.

"Eelie is a most unusual dog who arrives uninvited at the home of Arjan Singh, when she is a few months old and stays for the rest of her life to become his inseparable companion. Along the way, she befriends and forms a special association with the three leopards which Arjan Singh rears at his home; the leopard cub, prince, and the twin sisters Harriet and Juliette. Later arrives the zoo-born tigress Tara, who returns to the jungle to produce her cubs by a wild tiger.

"The author writes with a sympathy for all animals and a regard for conservation in this unique story of Eelie with the ‘Big Cats’. Eelie forms a rare bridge between the world of humans and that of wild creatures, linking the two in a way never seen before or since. This book will appeal to wildlife enthusiasts and animal lovers, as well as general readers interested in the great felines."

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