Emerging Issues of Indian Economic Development

P.V. Sarma, Kanishka, 2001, ix, 201 p, ISBN : 8173914230, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Emerging Issues of Indian Economic Development/P.V. Sarma

Contents : Introduction 1. Banking in the next millennium/Ganti Subrahmanyam. 2. Money, output and prices : the causal nexus/C. Ratnam & Asmamaw Maru Yiha. 3. Theory of derived development : an alternative view of India’s development experience/U.N. Moorthy. 4. Knowledge revolution in India/P.V. Sarma. 5. Deficits of the state governments/M. Sarojini. 6. Financial sector reforms—recent trends/M. Sundara Rao. 7. Structural changes in Indian industry—its likely impact on environment/M. Sudha. 8. Role of small-scale industries in Indian economy/L. Krishna Veni. 9. Agricultural tenancy in India : growth promoting or growth retarding/S. Subrahmanyam. 10. Towards a broad based tenancy reform/C.S. Murty. 11. Irrigation development in future/N. Bhaskar Reddy. 12. Dairy development in India : trends in production and availability of milk/N.A.D. Pal. 13. Emerging dimensions of India’s external sector in the post-reform period/P. Leela. 14. WTO and Indian agriculture/K. Ravibabu. 15. India’s trade relations with ASEAN countries/P. Tara Kumari. 16. Human development in Andhra Pradesh/K.S. Chalam. 17. Health sector expenditure—inter-state analysis/K. Neela Veni. 18. Indian economy : need for greater social investment/T. Nirmala Devi. Index.

"The present volume is a collection of articles by academicians to honour Prof. V. Lakshmana Rao, on his attaining the age of superannuation. The study consists of five sections covering a wide spectrum of issues dealing with economic reforms in the areas of money and banking, industry, agriculture, foreign trade and the social sector which play a crucial role in the future development of the Indian economy. An integrated approach covering all of these sectors in the post-liberalization period has become the need of the hour for strengthening of the economy in order to meet the strong challenges of the new millennium". (jacket)

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