Veterinary Obstetrics: (Including Certain Aspects of the Physiology and Pathology of Reproduction in Domestic Animals)

Franz Benesch and John G. Wright, Greenworld, 2001, Reprint, viii, 459 p, ISBN : 8187421169, $16.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Veterinary Obstetrics: (Including Certain Aspects of the Physiology and Pathology of Reproduction in Domestic Animals)/Franz Benesch and John G. WrightContents: 1. The Oestrous cycle. 2. Pregnancy and its detection in the mare. 3. Pregnancy in the cow. 4. Pregnancy in the bitch. 5. Parturition—its normal course. 6. Maternal dystocia. 7. Foetal dystocia. 8. The approach to an obstetrical case. 9. Delivery per vaginam in the bitch. 10. The mechanism of parturition and reposition in the cow and mare. 11. Epidural anaesthesia as an aid to obstetrical practice. 12. Obstetrical equipment. 13. Short rules for the handling of obstetrical cases. 14. Definition and causes of dystocia. 15. Delivery of absolutely and relatively large foetus in anterior and posterior presentations. 16. Delivery of cases of abnormal posture of the head in anterior, dorsal presentation. 17. Displacements of the fore limbs. 18. Displacements of the hind limbs in posterior, dorsal presentation. 19. Delivery in irregular positions of the foetus. 20. Delivery in irregular presentations. 21. Delivery in cases of malformation of the foetus, and in other foetal diseases. 22. Embryotomy. 23. Instrumental equipment for embryotomy. 24. Methods of removing the extended head or an extended limb; either engaged in the pelvis or disengaged. 25. Methods of Amputation of the head and of the limbs in abnormal postures. 26. Forms of direct operation on the foetal trunk. 27. Examination of the mother after delivery. 28. Caesarian section in farm animals. 29. Caesarian operations in the bitch and cat. 30. Retention of the foetal membranes in the bovine. 31. Retention of the foetal membranes in the mare and other species. 32. Intra-uterine retention of the dead foetus. 33. Perineal deformity consequent on rupture at parturition, and recto-vaginal fistula. 34. Post-parturient prolapse of the uterus. 35. Infertility—general review. 36. Infertility in the cow. 37. Infections of the genital organs of the cow. 38. Infertility in the mare. 39. Infertility in the bitch. Index.
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