Indo - Russian Relations : Prospects, Problems and Russia Today

Edited by V.D. Chopra, Kalpaz, 2001, 341 p, ISBN : 8178350351, $36.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Indo - Russian Relations : Prospects, Problems and Russia Today/edited by V.D. Chopra

Contents : Preface. Introduction. 1. Indo-Russian relations : an overview/V.P. Dutt. 2. Russian-Indian relations : a view into the third millennium/Alexander M. Kadakin. 3. Indo-Russian strategic cooperation/Gen. Afsir Karim, AVSM(Retd.). 4. Indo-Russian strategic partnership for enhanced cooperation (Courtesy : Hindu October 4, 2000). 5. The phases in Indo-Russian relations/Anuradha M. Chenoy. 6. Future of India-Russia defence cooperation/Baidya Baikash Basu. 7. India-Russia economic relations : challenges and opportunities/R.G. Gidadhubli. 8. Trade relations between India and Russia/R.L. Varshney. 9. Economic and trade relations between India and Russia/R.L. Varshney and R.K. Wadhwa. 10. Indo-Russian nuclear cooperation/R.R. Subramaniam. 11. Indo-Russian cooperation in Marine Science and Technology/Kishore Kumar. 12. Russia and South Asia : growing Indo-Russian relations/Parmanand. 13. Indian economic interests in Central Asia in Post-Soviet era/G.M. Shah. 14. Central Asia : Russian and Indian interests/Meena Singh Roy. 15. Indo-Russian relations : prospects and problems in the twenty first century/Prakash. 16. Indo-Russian relations : historical perspective/V.D. Chopra. 17. Impact of developments in Russia on Indian national movement/V.D. Chopra. 18. Political pluralism in Russia- a tentative assessment/ Ravi M. Bakaya. 19. Russia’s foreign policy in the post-cold war period/Devendra Kaushik. 20. Putin, Plutocracy and foreign policy/Rakesh Gupta. 21. Russian foreign policy/Jyotsana Bakshi. 22. A wind of change is blowing : a report on Russia today/Zafar Imam. 23. Economic transformation in Russia/Gulshan Sachdeva. 24. Putin’s Russia : unquiet flows the don/P.L. Dash. 25. Chechen imbroglio : prospect of Russian disintegration/O.N. Mehrotra. 26. Russia, China and India : an overview/K.N. Ramachandran. 27. Russia and China : the emerging strategic partnership/Nirmala Joshi. 28. New starting –point, new challenges-Sino-Russian relations in the new century (Courtesy : contemporary international relations, July 2000). Index.

"This book is a compilation of articles by over two dozen Indian specialists on India’s relations with Russia and Russia Today, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. It is a unique exercise. This study is first of its kind which makes an objective estimate of both India’s relations with Russia and changes in Russia during 90’s in the last century. The book was conceived as an integrated whole and specialists on their respective disciplines were requested to contribute papers. In this sense the book is not merely a collection of articles. Quite apart from this aspect, the book examines critically India’s relations with Russia, the way they evolved after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Indo-Russian Relations are shaping in an entirely different world’s perspective. The book is a rich contribution to the theory of bilateralism. Above all Indo-Russian Relations are assuming a special significance in the present international scenario". (jacket)

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