Rabindranath Tagore : Three Plays

Translated and with an Introduction by Ananda Lal, OUP, 2001, xiv, 403 p, ISBN : 0195653653, $17.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Rabindranath Tagore : Three Plays/Translated and with an Introduction by Ananda Lal

Contents: I. Introduction to Tagore’s plays: 1. Preamble. 2. Tagore as dramatist. 3. Tagore as theatrician. 4. Tagore’s themes. 5. Tagore’s reception in England and America. 6. Previous English translations. 7. The present translation. II. The plays: 1. Red oleander (Rakta-karavi). 2. Tapati (Tapati). 3. Formless jewel (Arup Ratan). 4. Introduction to Tagore’s plays. 5. The plays. Appendices. Bibliography. Glossary.

"Tagore’s phenomenal dramatic career encompasses over sixty plays in nearly as many years and occupies a prime position in Bengali and modern Indian theatre. His farsighted contribution to world drama can be envisaged from the fluent translations of three of Tagore’s major plays, all of which are concerned with universal human quests. While Red Oleander (Rakta-karavi), a modern classic in its own right, protests against man’s ruthless use of organization to exploit human and natural resources, Tapati is a proto-feminist play that attends to the problems of action and injustice. Formless Jewel (Arup Ratan), on the other hand, is about spiritual beauty and the discovery of God.

This book contains a detailed introduction to Tagore as a playwright, director, and theatre theorist; and the reception of his plays and their themes. An extensive bibliography and glossary makes it an invaluable guide for all those who are interested in Tagore’s works."

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