International Conference on Integrated Plant Disease Management for Sustainable Agriculture : Proceedings (2 vols)

Edited by D.K. Mitra, Indian Phytopathological Society, 2000, 1281 p, 2 Vols, $242.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

International Conference on Integrated Plant Disease Management for Sustainable Agriculture : Proceedings/edited by D.K. Mitra

Contents: Foreword. Preface. Vol. I: Valedictory lecture: 1. Integrated management of plant diseases for sustainable agriculture/R.S. Paroda. Plenary lectures: 1. Ecologically sustainable plant disease management/R. James Cook. 2. Identification and genetic analysis of durable resistance to the rust diseases of wheat/Roy Johnson. 3. Epidemic spread of plant disease, focal and other models/J.C. Zadoks. 4. Strategic data for the management of bacterial blight of cotton/Jeevan P. Verma. I. Characterisation of plant viruses and their management: Symposium: 1. Viroids as plant pathogens: the changing concepts/Rudra P. Singh. 2. Use of plant cell protoplasts for the analysis of viral pathogenesis/S. Sarkar and M. Schiebe. 3. Some new results on citrus psorosis virus and Indian citrus ringspot virus, two important but so far unclassified viruses/R.G. Milne. 4. Molecular approach for plant virus characterization and management/Aminuddin, S.K. Raj, J.A. Khan, Q.M.R. Haq, Vipin Hallan, S. Saxena and B.P. Singh. 5. Rice Ragged Stunt Virus (RRSV) genome organization and RRSV derived synthetic resistance genes/Narayana M. Upadhyaya, Peter M. Waterhouse, Zhongyi Li, Kerrie Ramm and Judy Gaudron. 6. Differentiation of four potyviruses by N-terminal serology, HPLC peptide profiling and cDNA probe/A. Ishwara Bhat, Anupam Varma and R.K. Jain. 6. Cloning, restriction mapping and comparative homology studies of two isolates of rice tungro bacilliform virus/Nandita Nath, Madan Singh Negi and Indranil Dasgupta. Poster session: 1. Viruses associated with a mosaic disease of Hippeastrum stylossum/Avijit Roy, P. Ramachandran and R.P. Pant. 2. Biological, serological and coat protein properties indicate that eggplant mottle virus is a distinct member of Potyviridae/M. Rajamannar, A. Ishwara Bhat, R.K. Jain and Anupam Varma. 3. Characterization to potyviruses infecting ornamental crops/J.A. Khan and B.P. Singh. 4. Serological detection of pumpkin yellow vein mosaic virus in pumpkin, weeds and whiteflies/K. Jayashree, K.B. Pun and Sabitha Doraiswamy. 5. Biological and serological properties of an isolate of watermelon mosaic potyvirus-1 from pumpkin/Gourgopal Roy, R.K. Jain, A. Ishwara Bhat and Anupam Varma. II. Characterisation of fungi and microbial diversity: Symposium: 1. Biodiverstiy: a treasury of billion dollar molecules/Vedpal Singh Malik. 2. Biodiversity, taxonomy and characterization of aquatic fungi/C. Manoharachary. 3. Biodiveristy and pathogenic variability in Rhizoctonia bataticola from soybean in India/Vishwa Dhar and A.K Sarbhoy. 4. Genetic diversity and evidence for recombination in Himalayan populations of Magnaporthe grisea/J. Kumar and R.S. Zeigler. 5. Current status of colletotrichum truncatum and septoria lycopersici in Zambia/R.G. Kapooria. 6. Analysis of genetic diversity in Rhynchosporium secalis using RAPD markers/T.R. Sharma, J.P. Tewari, P.A. Burnett and K.G. Briggs. 7. Restriction analysis of ribosomal DNA: a tool for differentiating between the races of fusarium oxysporum f.sp. ciceris/P.K. Mukherjee, Anjali Bhagwat, Jharna Mitra, R.K. Mitra and N.B.K. Murthy. Poster session: 1. Anthracnose of kartoli (momordica dioica) in Konkan region of Maharashtra/P.A. Fugro and G.G. Sawant. 2. Seasonal occurrence of water borne fungi in kali steam, Karnataka/Ramesh and S. Vijay Kumar. 3. Occurrence of microfungi of leaf litter in Dharwad/Ramesh and Raju K. Chalannavar. 4. Significance of appendage morphogenesis in the classification of coelomycetes/D.K. Agarwal. 5. Molecular variability studies in Indian isolates of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceri using microsatellites/M.P. Barve, A.G. Patankar, V.S. Gupta. M.N. Sainani, P.K. Ranjekar and M.P. Haware. 6. Seed mycoflora of some important oilseed crops of arid zone/N.L. Vyas. 7. Virulence variability in the Indian populations of sclerospora graminicola, the causal agent of pearl millet downy mildew/V.P. Rao, R.P. Thakur, S. Chandra, H.S. Shetty, Govind Singh and G.M. Godbole. 8. Molecular characterization of genetic variability in pyricularia grisea using RAPD markers/T.R. Sharma, R.S. Chauhan, B.M. Singh, R. Paul, V. Sagar, N.R. Sharma, M. Rana and Y. Mahajan. 9. Formae specialis in cercospora canescens/ Ramesh Chand, Moti Lal and Surendra Chaurasia. 10. Keratinomycetes from botton sediments of high altitude/Sarika Katiyar, Pramila Parihar and R.K.S. Kushwaha. 11. Occurrence of Rhizobium phaseoli phages in minia soils/A.M.M. Hammad, O.A.O. Saad and F.S. Ali. 12. A new method of controlling Coprinus sp. growth in the paddy straw substrate of oyster mushroom/A. Eswaran and R. Ramabadran. 13. Effect of chemically treated paddy straw on yield on oyster mushroom/A. Eswaran and R. Ramabadran. 14. Seasonal variation and distribution of microfungi in soils of Dharwad/Ramesh and K.M. Raju. 15. Inhibitory effects of chemical on in vitro culture of Fusarium moniliforme/V.P. Gohil and D.G. Vala. 16. Relative reaction of selected varieties of gladiolus to curvularia leaf spot/P.J. Singh, J.S. Aulakh and J.S. Arora. 17. Electrophoretic analysis of proteins and isozymes of Ganoderma isolates/M. Rajamannar, V. Chiranjeevi and G. Indiravathi. 18. Isolation and characterisation of fungi causing fruit rots and mycotoxin production and their effects on albino rats/Sangeeta Gupta, A.N. Roy, S. Rastogi and Rana. III. Integrated disease management : rice: symposium: 1. Integrated disease management of sheath blight in rice/K. Manibhushanrao and U.I. Baby. 2. Lineage-exclusion resistance breeding strategy and pyramiding of genes for blast-resistance for the management of rice blast in India/Samuel S. Gnanamanickam, B. Lavanya, G. Viji, K. Krishnamurthy, B.V. Dayakar, V. Brindha Priyadarisini, R. Sivaraj and Morris Levy. 3. Field trials on promising herbal control of bacterial blight of paddy/S.C. Ahuja. Poster session: 1. Effect of cold water extracts of plants on the sheath rot incidence of rice/A. Eswaran, R. Narayanaswamy, S. Usha Rani and R. Ramabadran. 2. Quantitative estimation of seed microflora of rice/S. Usha Rani, K. Ramanujam, A. Eswaran and R. Ramabadran. 3. Durable resistance to rice tungro virus disease : estimation of components of tungro resistance among rice cultivars/Swatantra K. Singh, A. Anjanyulu, P. Nayak, Santosh K. Mohanty and G. Bhakatavatsalm. 4. Management of brown spot in rice/J.C. Bhatt, V.S. Chauhan and P. Singh. 5. Blast management in rice through slow blasting/J.C. Bhatt, V.S. Chauhan and R.K. Sharma. 6. Varieties for effective management of bacterial blight of rice/K.C. Agrawal, V.S. Thrimurty, N. Lakpale and Rajiv Kumar. 7. Spatial distribution and sequential sampling plan for integrated management of brown leaf spot on rice/G.K.N. Chhetry. 8. Plant oils for the management of Rhizoctonia solani, the incitant of sheath blight of rice/G. Sivakumar and R.C. Sharma. 9. Integrated management of rice blast/A.S. Kapoor, G.K. Sood and R.P. Kaushik. 10. Efficacy of some seed health testing methods for the isolation of seed-borne mycoflora of paddy in Pakistan/S.A. Jamil Khan. 11. Rhizoctonia sheath disease complex of rice : development of diagnostic techniques/M.A. Rutherford, S. Banniza, H. Turner, A. Johnson, P.D. Bridge, D. Davis and U.D. Singh. 12. Alternate approaches in the management of sheath blight disease of rice/G.S. Laha, S. Venkataraman and A.P.K. Reddy. IV. Integrated disease management : maize and millets: symposium: 1. Diseases of maize in South-East Asia : relevance and management/Carlos De Leon. 2. Host plant resistance in integrated disease management of pearl millet/R.P. Thakur. 3. Grain mold in sorghum : present status and future research needs/S.D. Singh. Poster pession: 1. Investigations on seed discolouration of maize/Manoj Kumar and V.K. Agarwal. 2. Assessment and quantitative analysis of losses due to Drechslera maydis in maize/R.C. Sharma and S.N. Rai. 3. Nutrient foliar sprays : strategy for management of brown stripe downy mildew of maize/Rajeev Pant and S.C. Saxena. 4. Identification of components for integrated management of sheath blight of finger millet/A.K. Mohanty and R.K. Mohanty. 5. Genetics of downy mildew resistance in pearl millet/Balzor Singh, O.P. Govila and R.K. Sheoran. 6. Inheritance of downy mildew resistance in pearl millet/R.K. Sheoran, O.P. Govila and Balzor Singh. 7. Mycoflora and biochemical changes in stored ragi seeds/B. Bhadraiah and K.G.V.N. Suryateja. 8. Management of maize downy mildew through resistant varieties/R.S. Rathore and M.L. Jain. 9. Management of fusarium stalk rot of maize/Burhanuddin Bohra, M.L. Jain and R.S. Rathore. 10. Integrated management for grain mold resistance in sorghum/S. Indira, B.S. Rana, T.B. Garud and G.D. Agarkar. 11. Occurrence and spread of Tylenchorhynchus vulgaris and its pathogenicity on maize/U.S. Singh, B.A. Patel, N.B. Patel and D.J. Patel. V. Biocontrol of plant diseases: symposium: 1. Soil sicknes and replant problems/R.S. Utkhede. 2. Occurrence of Rhizobium phaseoli phages in minia soils/A.M.M. Hammad, O.A.O. Saad and F.S. Ali. 3. Role of microbial siderophores in plant disease management/S.B. Chincholkar and B.L. Chaudhari. 4. Control of foot and root rot of barley using fungal antagonists/M.A. Bari, S.N. Mondal. M.Z. Rahman, M.L. Rahman and K.M. Ahmed. 5. Efficacy of three nematophagous fungi in suppressing attack of Meloidogyne incognita on tomato/M.K. Sakai, K.C. Puzari, U.N. Sakai and A.K. Roy. 6. Selection and effects of rhizosphere-competent biocontrol bacteria on chickpea plant development and yield/C. Shekhar Nautiyal. 7. Antagonist potential of Gliocladium virens and Streptoverticillium sp. on selected phytopathogenic fungi/Avdhesh Narain and R. Behera. 8. Interactions between pathogenic and saprophytic fungi in soil/Malgorzata Manka and Karol H. Manka. 9. Prospects in the biological control of sclerotial fungi/Abdul Ghaffar. Poster session: 1. Biological control of fungal diseases of groundnut with rhizobacteria/A.R. Podile. 2. Biocontrol of red rot caused by colletotrichum falcatum in sugarcane/P. Nallathambi, D. Mohanraj and P. Padmanaban. 3. Biological control of seedling rot of sugarcane by trichoderma and pseudomonas flourescens/P. Nallathambi, P. Padmanaban. D. Mohanraj and Rajendra Prasad. 4. Biological control of web blight of groundnut caused by thanatephorus cucumeris/S.C. Dubey. 5. Biological control of chickpea wilt/D.K. Jha and D.K. Singh. 6. Biocontrol of sclerotium rolfsii by Trichoderma spp. in brinjal/Dhanbir Singh and Amar Singh. 7. Biocontrol of fusarium wilt of coriander/N. Gandhikumar and K. Ranganathan. 8. Efficacy of Trichoderma in controlling root rot of cotton and chickpea/S. Gangopadhyay and R.K. Joshi. 9. Preliminary studies on biocontrol of Tilletia barclayana/R.C. Sharma, Neelu Kohli, Amandeep Singh and S.S. Gill. 10. Incidence of Alternaria, Cladosporium and Fusarium on Coccidohystrix insolita infesting pigeonpea in Gujarat/P.K. Borad and P.A. Bhalani. 11. Biocontrol of capsule rot of cardamom/R. Suseela Bhai, Joseph Thomas and Y.R. Sarma. 12. Mass multiplication of Trichoderma harzianum/Girija Ganeshan, H. Ravishankar and B.S. Bhargava. 13. Bacillus spp. for management of two foliar diseases of black pepper/V.K. Girija and P.A. Jubina. 14. Verticillium tenerum a potential biocontrol agent of Phytophthora capsici, the foot rot pathogen of black pepper/P.P. Rajan and Y.R. Sarma. 15. Development of antagonistic fungi against rhizome rot pathogen of ginger/P.J. Joseph and P. Sivaprasad. 16. Management of foot rot of black pepper with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF)/P. Sivaprasad, P.J. Joseph and S. Balakrishnan. 17. PGPR for suppression of phytophthora capsici in black pepper/P.A. Jubina, V.K. Girija and P. Sivaprasad. 18. Biocontrol of rhizospheric microflora of sugarcane plant through VAM/Kamal Prasad. 19. Biological control of nursery diseases of mulberry/V.P. Gupta and A. Sarkar. 20. Microorganisms in the biological control of Rhizoctonia bataticola in soybean and their mechanism of action/H.K. Jharia and M.N. Khare. 21. Potential of some biocontrol agents against Rhizoctonia solani/D.S. Mishra and A.P. Sinha. 22. Biological control of Phytophthora foot and leaf rot of betelvine/R.K. Chaurasia and Jayant Bhatt. 23. Evaluation of fungal antagonists against Phytophthora drechsleri f. sp. cajani/V.B. Chauhan, P.N. singh and V.B. Singh. 24. Soluble proteins : effective markers for detection of hypovirulent isolates of Rhizoctonia solani/V.K. Girija, K.N. Srivastava and P.K. Pillai. 25. Mass production of trichoderma harzianum and its shelf-life in different formulations/R.D. Prasad, R. Rangeshwaran and P. Sreerama Kumar. 26. Viral genes for incorporation of resistance into host plants/S. Sarkar and Bettina Landau-Dahlhaus. 27. Interaction between phylloplane antagonistic bacteria and black rot pathogen in relation to membrane permeability/Indu Jalali, Vijai Pal and R.D. Parashar. 28. Factors favouring the growth and multiplication of Trichoderma viride/C. Umamaheswari and G. Ramakrishanan. 29. Biocontrol of plant diseases through neem/Raj D. Kak. 30. Evaluation of different substrates on the survival of Trichoderma viride and T. harzianum/N. Gandhikumar and K. Ranganathan. 31. Effect of amendment of moulds infested compost with plant leaves on yield of Agaricus bisporus/Ajay Singh, Satyavir and S.P. Goyal. 32. Biological control of ginseng root rot/Hoop-Sup Chung. 33. Growth and sporulation of different isolates of Trichoderma spp. and Gliocladium sp. on different pH/K.K. Pandey, P.K. Pandey and J.P. Upadhyay. 34. Characterization of isolates of Trichoderma spp. for their biocontrol ability against Sclerotium rolfsii/Suseelendra Desai. 35. Effect of VA-mycorrhizal fungi on wilt of gladiolus caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. gladioli/L.N. Bhardwaj, Sunita Sen and N.K. Bharat. 36. VAM association in apple plantation in North-Western Himalayas and fungicidal effects on colonization/L.N. Bhardwaj and N.K. Bharat. 37. Identifying ecological barriers to successful, widespread use of Trichoderma spp. as biological agents for soil borne plant pathogens/Madhumita Basu, B. Dasgupta and Chitreshwar Sen. 38. Stolon decay of menthol mint caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and its biological control/H.B. Singh, A. Kalra, N.K. Patra and Sushil Kumar. 39. In vitro screening of plants extract for antibacterial activity against Xanthomonas species/S. Satish and K.A. Raveesha. 40. Variations in the enzyme activity of tebuconazole tolerant biotypes of Trichoderma viride/A. Kumar and J.P. Gupta. 41. Efficacy of Trichoderma spp. against Rhizoctonia solani and selection of substrates for their mass production/Rama S. Singh, H.V. Singh and Y. Singh. 42. Growth promotion by Pseudomonas Fluorescens, Trichoderma sp. and Glomus sp./Shekhar Varshney and H.S. Chaube. 43. Fungicidal efficacy of some bioextracts against hill bunt disease of wheat/S.K. Pant, Pramod Kumar and V.S. Chauhan. 44. Biocontrol potential of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal (AMF) isolates against rhizome rot of ginger/P.J. Joseph and P. Sivaprasad. 45. Mechanism of biocontrol of wilt of chilli caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. capsici/M.K. Naik, S.J. Singh and Poonam Sinha. 46. Effect of certain organic amendments on Helicotylenchus spp. and Tylenchorhynchus spp. in soil/Nupur Agrawal and M.C. Gupta. 47. In vitro tolerance of Trichoderma harzianum to certain herbicides/J. Jayaraj, J. Raja, N.V. Radhakrishnan and R. Ramabadran. 48. Biological control of root knot nematode in cowpea/N. Hasan and R.B. Bhaskar. 49. Biological seed treatment with Trichoderma species for management of damping off of cabbage caused by Rhizoctonia solani/B.C. Das, S. Roy and L.C. Bora. 50. Biological control of collar rot of brinjal caused by sclerotinia sclerotiorum/A.K. Phookan and Kaveri Chaliha. VI. Karnal bunt of wheat: symposium: 1. Recent strategies in management of Karnal bunt of wheat/D.V. Singh and K.D. Srivastava. 2. Expression of resistance to Karnal bunt in cell cultures of wheat and barley/K.D. Sharma and B.M. Singh. 3. Development of seed immunoblot binding assay for detection of Karnal bunt of wheat/Anil Kumar, B.D. Lakhchaura, A. Singh and G.K. Garg. 4. Biochemical response of resistance and susceptible genotypes of wheat to karnal bunt infection/Rashmi Aggarwal, Robin Gogoi and D.V. Singh. Poster session: 1. Existence of variability in Tilletia indica as evident from PAGE test and response on set of differentials/J. Kumar, S. Nagarajan, and Mangal Singh. 2. Microbial antagonism to Neovossia indica causing Karnal bunt of wheat/G.A.M. Amer, D.V. Singh, Rashmi Aggarwal and Prem Dureja. VII. Integrated disease management : plantation crops and spices: symposium: 1. Phytoplasma diseases of coconut palm in Africa/Phil Jones and Anna Tymon. 2. Nematodes in plantation crops/P.K. Koshy. 3. Status of disease management in phytophthora disease of plantation crops : present scenario and future strategies/Y.R. Sarma. 4. Blister blight disease of tea and its integrated management strategies/B. Chandra Mouli. 5. Evaluation of fungicidal schedule for the management of cumin blight (Alternaria burnsii)/J.G. Patel, N.B. Patel, S.T. Patel, G.B. Valand and K.S. Prajapati. Poster session: 1. Management of tea blister blight/R. Premkumar and N. Muraleedharan. 2. Studies on graphiola leaf spot disease of datepalm/Vinod Kumar Gaur. 3. Integrated management of yellows and rhizome rot of ginger in field and storage/N.P. Dohroo. 4. Influence of vitamins on growth and development of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cumini/S.M. Patel and B.K. Patel. 5. Evaluation of herbicides against wilt of cumin/S.M. Patel and B.K. Patel. 6. Field evaluation of coriander genotype for resistance against major fungal diseases/A. Kalra, H.B. Singh, N.K. Patra and Sushil Kumar. 7. Integrated management of rot diseases of small cardamom/Joseph Thomas, R. Suseela Bhai, K. Dhanapal and A.K. Vijayan. 8. Immunodiagnosis of Glomerella cingulata causing brown blight of tea/B.N. Chakraborty, R. Das, P. Basu and U. Chakraborty. 9. Integrated management of phytophthora diseases of betelvine/Jayandra Kr. Johri. 10. Serological differentiation of three species of Phytophthora causing black pod disease of cocoa/P. Chowdappa and R. Chandramohanan. 11. Pathogenic variability in isolates of Phytophthora species causing black pod disease of cocoa in India in relation to host reaction/P. Chowdappa and R. Chandramohanan. 12. Influence of weather on population fluctuation of Phytophthora capsici, flushing and feeder root production in black pepper/M. Anandaraj and Y.R. Sarma. 13. Contrl of ginger storage rot by agrochemicals and biocontrol agent/N. Beena, P.P. Rajan, Y.R. Sarma and M. Anandaraj. 14. Phytophthora katsurae Ko and Chang as the causal agent of bud rot of coconut in some parts of Kerala, India/S. S. Veena, C.K. Peethambaran and Y.R. Sarma. 15. Management of curvularia leaf blight in oil palm nurseries/M. Subba Rao and T. Vijayalakshmi. 16. Systemic fungicides in the management of budrot of coconut/Rohini Iyer. 17. In vitro inhibition of Phytophthora meadii, the fruit and bud rot pathogen of arecanut palm by microbial antagonists/N. Saraswathy. VIII. Integrated disease management : pulses: symposium: 1. Importance of reliable crop-loss information to assess integrated pest management progress and priorities/Khaled M. Makkouk. 2. Integrated management of soil-borne diseases of legumes in dry regions/C. Akem and S. Lodha. 3. Seed borne viral diseases in India and seed certification programe – an appraisal/Narayan Rishi. 4. Integrated control of wilt disease of pigeonpea/Rajesh Singh and Bharat Rai. Poster session: 1. Management of wilt and sterility mosaic of pigeonpea through resistance breeding/K.K. Zote, S.V. Bulebule and D.N. Dhutraj. 2. Role of micronutrients on the management of bacterial leaf blight and altermaria leaf spot of clusterbeam/P.P. Gupta, Vivek Gupta, V.P. Singh and J.V. Singh. 3. Epidemiology and management of pea rust/Harender Raj and M.L. Bhardwaj. 4. Economics of integrated pest management in intensive fodder production system/K.C. Pandey, S.T. Ahmad and R.B. Bhaskar. 5. Integrated management of root rot disease complex of Egyptian clover/R.B. Bhaskar, S.T. Ahmad and N. Hasan. 6. Effect of biocontrol agents, fungicides and kerosene oil on lentil wilt/Rajib K. De, R.G. Chaudhary and S.N. Gurha. 7. Integrated management of yellow mosaic virus of mungbean/Y.R. Sharma, G. Singh, L. Kaur, J.S. Brar and S. Kapoor. 8. Effect of variable inoculum of Glomus fasciculatum and fusarium oxysporum f.sp. ciceri on mcorrhizal colonization and development of chickpea wilt/Tirath Singh and Rama S. Singh. 9. Risk analysis of Phytophthora megasperma in chickpea in India based on incidence in Australia/Saroj Singh and Robert Sutherst. 10. An integrated approach for the management of Phytophthora blight of pigeonpea/Birendra Singh, S.N. Chaturvedi and R.H. Singh. 11. Evalution of mungbean germ plasm for resistance to powdery mildew and virus diseases/K.L. Jain, A.K. Gupta and Amit Trivedi. 12. Integrated management of Heterodera cajani on cowpea/L. Sobita Devi. 13. Integrated management of powdery mildew of lathyrus/S.S. Malani, N. Khare, N. Lakpale and K.C. Agrawal. 14. Reaction of wild cicer spp, to Ascochyta rabiei/Mahendra Pal and P.J. Singh. 15. Integrated management of dry root rot of mungbean under field conditions/B. Rajeswari, K. Chandrasekhara Rao, C. Pramod Chandra Kumar, M.V. Shantaram and R. Kalpana Sastry. 16. Xanthium strumarium – a new herbal source for the management of wilt in chickpea/N.N. Tripathi and A.K. Mishra. 17. Prospects of wilt management in chickpea/S.N. Gurha, R.A. Singh and Vishwa Dhar. 18. Management of bacterial blight of clusterbean/P.N. Rajkule, B.G. Desai and D.M. Joshi. 19. Screening for resistance to sclerotinia stem rot of chickpea/C. Akem and S. Kabbabeh. IX. Integrated disease management : wheat: symposium: 1. Helminthosporium leaf blights of wheat: integrated control and prospects for the future/H.J. Dubin and E. Duviller. 2. Snow moulds of wheat/Anne Marte Tronsmo. 3. Status and management of foliar blight of wheat in India/R.V. Singh, Dinesh Singh, A.K. Singh, S.P. Singh, B.N. Singh and Sudhakar Pratap Singh. 4. Major seed-borne diseases of wheat and rice in Pakistan/S.A. Jamil Khan. 5. Crossed immunoelectrophoretical studies on wheat leaf rust in relation to resistant cultivars/M.K. El-Kazzaz, Ala El-Dein Omaima, M. Gabr and M. El-Shamy. 6. Integrated management of spot blotch of wheat in Brazil : the state of art/Y.R. Mehta and M.H.P. Fungaro. 7. Relative dominance of Alternaria triticina and Helminthosporium sativum in different growth stages of wheat/S. Chaurasia, R. Chand and A.K. Joshi. 8. Study on leaf rust and flag smut reactions on somaclones of bread wheat/R.K. Rana and S.S. Karwasra. 9. Seedborne bipolaris sorokiniana of wheat Bangladesh/A.Q.M. Bazlur Rashid, G.A. Fakir and S.B. Mathur. 10. Interaction of an adult plant partial resistance gene Lr34 with seedling resistance genes providing durable resistance to Puccinia recondita f. sp. tritici/S.S. Singh, Harsh Mehta, D.N. Sharma and Nanak Chand. 11. Recent epidemics of yellow rust on wheat and barley and how they should be controlled/Roy Johnson. 12. Sustainable management of rust diseases of wheat through the deployment of durable resistance/Ravi. P. Singh. 13. Wheat rusts in India : present status/S.K. Nayar, M. Prashar, S.C. Bhardwaj and S.K. Jain. 14. Recent advances in wheat leaf rust research and its management in Nepal/C.B. Karki. 15. Adult plant resistance to leaf rust in 37 Indian wheats/P. Bahadur. 16. Evaluation of stem rust resistance genes in bread wheat and introgression of Sr26 into adapted cultivars/S.M.S. Tomar and M.K. Menon. Poster session: 1. Integrated approach for the control of loose smut of wheat/Dharam Singh. 2. Genetics of resistance in selected wheat lines to rusts and mapping of leaf rust flora in Nepal/B.N. Mahto, S.K. Nayar, M. Prashar, S.C. Bhardwaj and E.E. Saari. 3. Identification of wheat stocks resistant to Helminthosporium blight/V.C. Sinha and L.B. Goel. 4. Components of resistance against spot blotch pathogen (Drechslera sorokiniana) of wheat/Soma Das, Rashmi Aggarwal, Prem Dureja, K.D. Srivastava and D.V. Singh.

Vol. II: X. Integrated disease management: vegetables and fruits: symposium: 1. Management of postharvest diseases of citrus fruits by integration of chemical, physical and biological treatments/Joseph W. Eckert. 2. Control of postharvest citrus fruit diseases : yesterday and tomorrow/Eliahou Cohen. 3. Integrated postharvest fruit disease management--a powerful component of constraint management for sustainable agriculture/V.N. Pathak. 4. The concept of integrated disease management in apple/V.K. Gupta. 5. Field resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in cauliflower/V.R. Duwadi and D.N. Sah. Poster session: 1. Herbal effect of marigold tagetes varieties on hatching and mortality of root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita/A.C. Verma and Ali Anwar. 2. An integrated approach in management of root knot nematode disease on pointed gourd/A.C. Verma and Ali Anwar. 3. Barrier crops and insecticidal sprays for managing a mosaic disease complex in chilli/Anil Handa, S.C. Chowfla and P.D. Thakur. 4. Integration of effective technologies for economic management of root-knot nematodes in tomato nursery/R.V. Vyas, B.A. Patel, D.J. Patel and R.S. Patel. 5. Breeding multiple disease resistance in midseason cauliflower/B.M. Trivedi, B. Sen, Ram Singh, S.R. Sharma and J.P. Verma. 6. Management of angular leaf spot of French bean through cultural practices/S.K. Gupta, K. Abraham Mathew and K.R. Shyam. 7. Role of fungicides in the management of anthracnose of French bean/S.K. Gupta, K.A. Mathew, K.R. Shyam and D.K. Gupta. 8. Integrated management of leaf blight disease of okra/K.K. Pandey and P.K. Pandey. 9. Integrated management of wilt complex of brinjal in Orissa/S.K. Beura and A.K. Mohanty. 10. Integrated management of white rot of pea/A.S. Kapoor and C.L. Sharma. 11. Management of Fusarium wilt of watermelon/P.A. Fugro, V.H. Patil and A.M. Mandokhot. 12. Integrated management of storage rot of onion caused by Aspergillus niger/V.P. Chaudhary and Savita Gupta. 13. Detection and diagnosis of Alternaria spp. associated with fruits of cucurbitaceous vegetables/Udit Narain and Mukesh Srivastava. 14. Colletotrichum capsici--a potential threat to chilli cultivation in arid zone/A. Kumar, R. Rajbhansali and N.L. Vyas. 15. Integrated management of purple blotch of onion under field conditions/J.G. Patel, K.S. Prajapati, N.B. Patel and H.R. Patel. 16. Effect of leaf crinkle virus infection on nodulation and bacterial population of nodules in French bean/K.N. Bhagabati and B. Bora. 17. Management of yellow vein mosaic virus disease of pumpkin/K. Jayashree, K.B. Pun and Sabitha Doraiswamy. 18. Effect of micronutrients on growth and sporulation of Phytophthora spp./Sushma Nema and N.D. Sharma. 19. Testing tomato genotypes for resistance to bacterial wilt and other horticulture traits in the hills of Nepal/S.P. Bhattarai, S. Sharma and P.P. Subedi. 20. Effect of spray of animal dung extracts on the infection of crop plants by the tomato spotted wilt virus/V. Kurucheve, R. Jeyarajan, Sabitha Duraisamy, P. Balasubramanian, R. Balasaraswathi and S. Sadasivam. 21. Variability in the Colletotrichum gloeosporioides--the incitant of anthracnose of mango/B.K. Pandey and Om Prakash. 22. Evaluation of Xanthomonas campestris pv. Mangiferaeindicae for toxins and their phytotoxicity/R. Kishun and R.S. Shukla. 23. Variation in the progression of bacterial canker disease on mango genotypes/R. Kishun and S. Rajan. 24. Control of mango anthracnose by hot water and fungicides treatment/Om Prakash and B.K. Pandey. 25. Pathogenicity and symptom production of wilt disease of guave by a new potent pathogen Gliocladium roseum/A.K. Misra and B.K. Pandey. 26. Cultivar elaichi--a new source of resistance to mango malformation/A.K. Misra, S.S. Negi, S. Rajan and Ram Kumar. 27. An integrated disease management strategy for mango malformation/D.K. Chakrabarti, R. Kumar and S. Ali. 28. Management of canker and gummosis diseases of citrus with chemicals/K.B. Jadeja, M.U. Vaishnav and N.G. Mayani. 29. Integrated disease management of postharvest rots of sweet orange fruits/S.L. Godara and V.N. Pathak. 30. Epidemiology and chemical management of downy mildew of grapes in Marathwada region/S.S. Kore and K.G. Raut. 31. Management of carbendazim resistance in Gloeosporium ampelophagum with new fungicides/T.S. Thind, Chander Mohan, M. Clerjeau, S.S. Sokhi and F. Jailloux. 32. Change in activities of catalase and ascorbic acid oxidase enzymes of apple infected by Monilinia spp./R.L. Sharma. 33. Physio-biochemical changes induced by papaya ringspot virus in papaya/A.K. Verma and V.K. Singh. 34. Occurrence, geographical distribution and electron microscopy of BBMV in India/R. Selvarajan and H.P. Singh. 35. Serological indexing against viruses in apple/P.D. Thakur and Anil Handa. 36. Efficacy of Paecilomyces lilacinus in controlling Tylenchulus semipenetrans on Khasi mandarin citrus reticulata/S. Moznur and A.K. Sinha. 37. Marssonina blotch--a new disease hits apple crop in Himachal Pradesh/J.N. Sharma and J.L. Kaul. 38. Association of a viroid with yellow vein disease of citrus in India/F.A. Rustem, P. Ramachandran and Y.S. Ahlawat. XI. Cultural practices for the management of pathogens: symposium: 1. Traditional and non-conventional cultural practices for the management of soilborne diseases/Jaacov Katan. 2. Control of plant diseases through crop rotation: a Latin American experience/Erlei Melo Reis and Carlos Antonio Medeiros. 3. Utilization of on-farm wastes for managing dry root rot of legumes/Satish Lodha. 4. Soil solarization : experience with Burkholderia solanacearum causing wilt of tomato/A.K. Sood, C.S. Kalha and V.K. Ambardar. 5. Integration of organic amendments and soil solarization with plastic film for root-knot nematode management in tomato nursery/S.K. Patel, D.J. Patel, H.V. Patel and R.K. Patil. 6. Solar heating by polyethylene mulching for controlling soilborne nursery diseases in fruits/Harender Raj and V.K. Gupta. Poster session: 1. Integrated pest management in an intensive fodder production sequence/S.T. Ahmad, K.C. Pandey and R.B. Bhaskar. 2. Influence of some tillage practices and planting methods on plant parasitic nematodes in rice-wheat cropping system/H.S. Gaur and Jagwant Singh. 3. Management of root-knot nematodes in rice nursery and main field by soil solarization and nematicides/H.S. Gaur Jagwant Singh, S.N. Sharma and S.T. Chandel. 4. Integrated disease management in rainfed upland rice/D. Maiti, M. Variar, V.D. Shukla and N. Bhattacharya. 5. Effect of seed rate, row spacing and fertilizer dose on yield and foliar blight of wheat/A.K. Singh, R.V. Singh, S.P. Singh, R. Ahmad, B.N. Singh and S.P. Singh. 6. Soil solarization effect on nematodes to broad bean viral complex at Almora in Kumaon hills/G.C. Upreti and A.K. Sharma. 7. Role of traditional practices and farmers’ innovations in sustainable plant disease management/A. Kumar. XII. Application of biotechnology for plant disease management : symposium: 1. Genetic engineering in nematology/Thierry C. Vrain. 2. Development of blast resistant germplasm in rice using biotechnological approaches/B.M. Singh. 3. Development of effective technology for strain improvement of Trichoderma spp./D. Lalithakumari. Poster session: 1. PCR-based DNA markers for biotic stress resistance in sorghum/T.K. Dattaroy, A. Leela and N. Seetharama. 2. Stage dependent changes in protein profiles and isoenzyme banding patterns during growth cycle of Karnal bunt of wheat in culture/Geeta Rai, Anil Kumar, A.K. Gaur, A. Singh and G.K. Garg. 3. Rescue of interspecific hybrids of groundnut infected with peanut stripe virus through meristem culture/T. Radhakrishnan, T.G.K. Murthy, S. Desai and A. Bandyopadhyay. XIII. Integrated disease management : oilseeds and fibre crops: symposium: 1. Mechanism of resistance to Alternaria brassicae in crucifers/J.P. Tewari. 2. Technological innovations in disease management for eco-friendly and sustainable cotton production/Sheo Raj, P.K. Chakrabarty and D. Monga. 3. Effect of inoculation of a vam-fungus and Bradyrhizobium on growth, yield and resistance to root rot of soybean in Sindh/M. Jalaluddin. Poster session: 1. Bacterial soft rot and wilt of oilseed rape in Haryana –a new report/Vijai Pal, Indu Jalali and C.D. Kaushik. 2. Mycopesticide preparation from Beauveria bassiana for pest management in cotton/V. Padmaja and Gurvinder Kaur. 3. Integrated management of sunflower rust/P.V. Patil, M.R. Kachapur and K.H. Anahosur. 4. Role of phyllosphere microorganisms in the control of sunflower rust caused by Puccinia helianthi/P.V. Patil, M.R. Kachapur and K.H. Anahosur. 5. Oilseed brassicas : development traits of plants and disease management/S.J. Kolte, R.P. Awasthi and Vishwanath. 6. Bacterial pod-rot in groundnut--a new disease/N.K. Dhal, G.B. Biswal, N.C. Swain and S. Pande. 7. Status of leaf curl of hirsutum cotton in North-Western Rajasthan/B.D. Ajmera. 8. Quantitative and qualitative estimation of losses due to leaf curl of cotton/B.D. Ajmera. 9. Evaluation of fungitoxicants against pod rot causing pathogens of groundnut/K.R. Dwarakanath, V.B. Nargund and S. Kulkarni. 10. Integrated management of root rot of cotton/D. Monga and Sheo Raj. 11. Integrated management of sesame disease/H.K. Jharia and Mev Singh. 12. Pathogenic fungi intercepted in exotic oil-seeds, there significance and control/Usha Dev, P.C. Agarwal, Indra Rani and Baleshwar Singh. 13. Management of groundnut bud necrosis virus disease using coconut and sorghum leaf extracts/Mukund S. Kulkarni, K.H. Anahosur and Srikant Kulkarni. 14. Performance of urdban genotypes against powdery mildew and virus diseases/K.L. Jain, A.K. Gupta and Amit Trivedi. 15. Effect of date of sowing of severity of alternaria blight and seed yield in linseed/R.B. Singh, R.K. Srivastava and Y.S. Chauhan. 16. Integrated management of alternaria blight of mustard/R.B. Singh and Y.S. Chauhan. 17. Integrated management of fertilizers with rhizobium on meloidogyne incognita of sunflower/L. Sobita Devi. 18. Studies on aphid transmission of cucumber mosaic virus--pea strain/K. Shukla and Govinda P. Rao. 19. Reviewing causal links between disease management and (insect) pest outbreak/K. Aruna Lakshmi and K.G. Raja Rao. 20. Role of soil amendments on root rot of cotton (Gossypium species) caused by Rhizoctonia species under screen house conditions/S.S. Jakhar, M.S. Chauhan and J.C. Duhan. XIV. Integrated disease management : trees and forestry: symposium: 1. Integrated management of tree diseases in sustainable forestry/Pritam Singh. 2. Tree improvement of eucalypts for higher productivity and disease resistance to cylindrocladium leaf blight and pink disease in Kerala/J.K. Sharma, M. Balasundaran and E.J.M. Elorence. 3. Commercial development of a biofungicide for use in a global forestry industry/M.S. Reddy, E.A. Pedersen and D.N. He. 4. Integrated management of bamboo blight disease in coastal areas of Orissa/Jamluddin. Poser session: 1. Die-back, a new disease of neem trees incited by Phomopsis sp. In Karnataka/M.K. Sateesh and S. Shankara Bhat. 2. Incidence and severity of Melampsora leaf rust of poplar/R.C. Sharma and Y. Khan. 3. Disease development and chemical control of Cladosporium leaf spot of poplar/Sanjeev Sharma and R.C. Sharma. XV. Disease epidemiology and forecasting : symposium: 1. Risk assessment of emerging plant diseases at large scales/X.B. Yang. 2. Systems analysis in epidemiology/Jurgen Kranz. 3. Comparative epidemiology of Alternaria blight of sunflower/C.D. Mayee and P.B. Wankhede. 4. Evolution of pathogen population in host mixtures/C. Lannou. 5. Epidemiology and integrated management of kernel smut of rice/S.S. Chahal and P.P.S. Pannu. Poster session: 1. Dynamics of Fusarium udum population in relation to resistance in pigeonpea/M.K. Naik, M.V. Reddy, T.N. Raju and D.Mc. Donald. 2. Aerobiology and epidemiology of rice blast disease in Imphal, Manipur/N. Irabanta Singh and N. Munanthoi Singh. 3. Epidemiology of buckeye rot of tomato caused by Phytophthora nicotianae var. Parasitica/V.V. Datar, P.V. Khalikar, R.R. Mogle Ogle and A.P. Suryawanshi. 4. Models for prediction of secondary spread of red rot (Colletotrichum falcatum) in sugarcane/Anil Kumar, Satyavir and Ram Niwas. 5. Effect of environmental factors on the development of important foliar disease in sorghum/P.P. Gupta, A.S. Rathi, S.K. Pahuja and Rajesh Yadav. 6. Stability in dry-grain yield of phaseolus vulgaris relative to meteorological factors and incidence of angular leaf spot/C.L Bhardwaj and D.R. Thakur. 7. Epidemiology and forecasting of blackarm of cotton/N.M. Lokhande and V.B. Newaskar. 8. Epidemiology and forecasting of leaf spot of groundnut/N.M. Lokhande and V.B. Newaskar. 9. Disease severity of stem and leaf rot of betelvine caused by phytophthora parasitica as a function of time and weather parameters/B. Dasgupta and Chitreshwar Sen. 10. Seasonal carryover of rice tungro viruses (RTV) under intensive cultivation system in West Bengal/A.K. Chowdhury and S.C. Mallick. 11. Effect of different meteorological factors on blast disease of ragi/Upendra Gupta and M.R. Ahmad. 12. Loss assessment due to late leaf spot of groundnut in northern Karnataka/V.I. Benagi, Mahadevareddy and Srikant Kulkarni. 13. Dispersal of alternaria spores in rapeseed mustard crop/J. Sharma, J.S. Pundhir and A. Malik. 14. Epidemiology of Wilsonomyces carpophilus the causal organism of shot-hole of peach in Jammu/V.K. Razdan and B.L. Puttoo. 15. Epidemiology of white rust of rapessed-mustard in relation to host resistance and environmental interactions/G.S. Saharan. 16. Epidemiology of foliar blight (Brown patch) disease of siratro/Pradeep Saxena and P.K. Katiyar. 17. Epidemiology of curvularia leaf spot of brinjal/Mohit Singh and S.M. Dingar. 18. Forecasting and integrated management of apple scab/J.N. Sharma. 19. Climatic factors favouring development of powdery mildew (Oidium mangiferae) in mango/P. Sinha and A. Varma. 20. Scenario of major rapessed-mustard diseases in India during 1987-97/A.K. Shukla and P.R. Kumar. 21. Progressive prevalence of sclerotinia stem rot of rapeseed-mustard in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan/A.K. Shukla and R.C. Sharma. 22. Biological control of spot blotch (drechslera sorokiniana) of wheat/K.D. Srivastava, Samir Biswas, S. Mandal and R. Aggarwal. XVI. Global issues and environmental concerns: symposium: 1. Exclusion as a disease control stretegy : pest risk analysis as an safeguard/Robert P. Kahn. 2. Aflatoxin contamination management by bioactive volatile plant signals/H.J. Zeringue. 3. Risk assessment of emerging plant disease at large scales/X.B. Yang. Poster session: 1. Control of leaf crinkle disease of urd bean (vigna mungo) by some plant extracts/Chetan Joshi, Y.P.S. Rathi and K.C. Gupta. 2. Polutionless and quick disposal of harvested agricultural wastes/G.P. Jagtap and C.S. Sangitrao. XVII. Host pathogen interaction: symposium: 1. Defence mechanisms in plants and disease management/R.P. Purkayastha. 2. Endophytic fungi-their roles as weak pathogens and mutualists/H.J. Aust, B. Schulz, S. Draeger, A. Rommert, U. Dammann, S. Peters, C. Boyle and D. Strack. 3. Role of pathogenesis related proteins in inducing resistance against the rice sheath blight pathogen Rhizoctonia solani/P. Vidhyasekaran, V. Paranidharan, A. Ramanathan and R. Velazhahan. Poster session: 1. Study on the changes in total phenol content in two wheat cultivars to yellow rust disease and its role in resistance/M. Behroozin. 2. Virulence and growth of Burkholderia solanacearum strains affecting potatoes under different temperature regimes/V. Kishore, V. Sunaina and G.S. Shekhawat. 2. Indoleacetic acid production by Xanthomonas oryzae pv.oryzae and its involvement in wilting syndrome of rice/M.M. Ansari and R. Sridhar. 3. Techniques to reproduce floral malformation of mango/R. Kumar and D.K. Chakrabarti. 4. Effect of seed borne infection of bean common mosaic virus on growth and yield of French bean/Naimuddin, Vishwa Dhar and R.G. Chaudhary. 5. Influence of lesion type of phytophthora stem blight on pigeonpea grain yield/R.G. Chaudhary, Vishwa Dhar and Naimuddin. 6. Biochemical changes associated with compatible and non-compatible reaction of chickpea with Fusarium oxysporum/A.P. Giri, A.M. Harsulkar, A.G. Patankar, V.S. Gupta, M.N. Sainani, V.V. Deshpande and P.K. Ranjekar. 7. Changes in phenyl alanine ammonia lyase activity in tea leaves in response to biotic and abiotic stress/U. Chakraborty, S. Dutta, J. Das, N. Bandopadhyay and B.N. Chakraborty. 8. Histopathological and biochemical changes in seeds of sunflower infected with Pseudomonas syringae/Sahilesh Godika, Kailash Agarwal and Tribhuwan Singh. 9. Germination of sporangia and zoospores, penetration and colonization of Sclerospora graminicola in resistant and susceptible genotypes of pearl millet/V. Celia Chalam, S.D. Singh and K. Chandrasekhara Rao. 10. Artificial induction of premature ripening of banana/D.M. Joshi, D.G. Vala and J.G. Patel. 11. Changes in aroma constituents of tea on infection with Exobasidium vexanns/P.K. Pius and K.V. Krishnamurthy. 12. Variation in host pathogen interaction in a resistant rice variety to Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae/V.S. Thrimuty, Rajiv Kumar, N. Lakpale and K.C. Agrawal. 13. Potentiality of Trichoderma spp. for biocontrol of loose smut of wheat/R. Selvakumar, G. Mondal and K.D. Srivastava. 14. B-1,3-glucanase, polyphenol oxidase and peroxidase activities in relation to tolerance of black pepper to Phytophthora capsici/A. Shamina and Y.R. Sarma. 15. Pathological effects of seed-borne infection of Alternaria brassicicola in Indian mustard/Jyotsana Sharma, Kailash Agrawal and Dalbir Singh. 16. Virulence pattern of Rhizoctonia solani in rice/C.S. Reddy. 17. Chitosan, a sensitizer for sclerotium resistance in groundnut/Apurba Kr, Chowdhury and Asoke Kr. Sinha. XVII. Integrated disease management : tuber and sugar crops : symposium: 1. Management of red rot of sugarcane through host resistance/Satyavir. 2. Effective strategies for late blight management in wisconsin, USA/W.R. Stevenson, R.V. James and T. Dubey. 2. Sclerotium tuber rot : an emerging problem of potato in Bangladesh/M.S. Ali, T.K. Dey and H.U. Ahmed. Poster session: 1. Integrated management of Amorphophallus diseases/R.S. Misra and M. Nedunzfhyan. 2. Recurrence of Pokkah boeng disease in Uttat Pradesh and its management/G.P. Rao, S.R. Sharma and R.G. Singh. 3. Management of virus diseases in tropical tuber crops/M. Thankappan, T. Makeshkumar and S. Edison. 4. Plant parasitic nematodes, wilt and red-rot complex associated with sugarcane crop in South Gujarat/B.A. Patel, N.B. Patel, R.V. Vyas and D.J. Patel. 5. Management of the lesser known yield reducing bacteria of potato rhizosphere/Sunita Singh and R.C. Sharma. 6. Evaluation of varieties of carnation for resistance to wilt under Punjab conditions/P.J. Singh and J.S. Arora. 7. Disease of bulbous and cut flowers from Himachel Prades/Sunita Sen and L.N. Bhardwaj. 8. Integrated management of Phytophthora leaf blight disease of taro/R.S. Misra. 9. Integrated management of common scab disease of potato caused by Streptomyces spp./Rajpal Singh, G.S. Shekhawat and R.N. Khanna. 10. Serological techniques for the detection of the sugarcane pathogens/R. Viswanathan. 11. Soil solarization for improving potato health and production/R.K. Arora, S.P. Trehan, J. Sharma and R.N. Khanna. 12. Disease management of tuber crops in Bangladesh/H.U. Ahmed, M.S. Ali and T.K. Dey. XIX. Integrated disease management : medicinal plants: symposium: 1. Integrated disease management : medicinal plants/S.P. Raychaudhuri. 2. Phytoplasma disease of medicinal and aromatic plants and their heat therapy/Chuji Hiruki and Keri Wang. 3. Viral diseases : a threat to medicinal plants?/S. Sarkar, Brigitte Zickner and Carmen Clemens. 4. Conservation and protection of medicinal plants : current scenario/M.P. Shiva and Alka Shiva. 5. Use of phytochemicals of prospective biological activity of some soil borne pathogens in sustainable agriculture/S. Kumar, M.L. Gupta, N. Ratti and H.N. Singh. 6. Medicinal values of citrus and integrated management of its diseases/S. Mukhopadhyay, K. Thapa, Ruchira Mitra, Anjana Thapa, Jaishree Rai and Anita Gurung. 7. Conservation of medicinal plants : practical approach/R. Raina, S.P. Raychaudhuri and P.L. Gautam. Poster session: 1. Disease problems, varietal resistance and chemical control in scented geranium/A. Kalra, T.N. Parameswaran, N.S. Ravindra and H.B. Singh. 2. disease management potentiality of VAM fungi to Meloidogyne incognita on Hyoscyamus muticus/Rakesh Pandey, M.L. Gupta, H.B. Singh, H.N. Singh and S. Kumar. 3. Integrated management of downy mildew in blond psyllium--a sustainable system/B.S. Rathore and V.N. Pathak. 4. Management of downy mildew in blond psyllium through cultural practices--a viable strategy/B.S. Rathore and R.S. Rathore. 5. Resistance to leaf blight caused by Alternaria alternata in geranium calliclones/R.S. Shukla, S.S. Chauhan, Gauri Saxena, S. Banerjee and Sushil Kumar. 6. Diagnosis of foliar diseases of some medicinal plants caused by Myrothecium roridum/Mukesh Srivastava and Udit Narain. 7. Fungitoxic and phytotoxic studies on vapours of essential oils extracted form Ocimum species against sugarcane pathogens/P.P. Upadhyaya, S.P. Singh and G.P. Rao. Group discussion: 1. Pest situation in rice-wheat system in North west plain zone of India and the anticipated crop health problems/A.K. Sharma and S. Nagarajan. 2. Biological control of Karnal bunt of wheat--a component of integrated disease management/K.P. Singh, M.N. Yadav, I.K. Kushwaha and Kanak Srivastava. 3. Methods of evaluate fungitoxicants against seed borne inoculum of karnal bunt of wheat/Indu Sharma and G.S. Nanda. 4. Proceedings and recommendations of group discussion of Karnal bunt of wheat. 5. Proceedings of group discussion and recommendations : extension pathology/M.P. Srivastava. 6. Effect of soil solarization with plastic film for management of soilborne pests in agriculture/D.J. Patel. 7. Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria for the management of sugarcane diseases/R. Viswanathan and R.S. Samiyappan. 8. Success and future of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and biocontrol agents/R.S. Utkhede. 9. Proceedings and recommendations of the group discussion on seed health certification. 10. Proceedings and recommendations group discussion on teaching in plant pathology. Author index.

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