Stress and Environmental Plant Physiology

Edited by K.K. Bora, Karan Singh and Arvind Kumar, Pointer, 2001, Plant Physiology for Sustainable Forestry, Agri-Horticulture and Industry, xix, 344 p, tables, ISBN : 8171322913, $66.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Stress and Environmental Plant Physiology/edited by K.K. Bora, Karan Singh and Arvind KumarContents: Preface. 1. Crop improvemental technology for water deficit and salinity stresses/D.L. Singhania and Dhirendra Singh. 2. Biodiversity for abiotic stress resistance in tomato—a review/M.S. Fageria, Karan Singh and B.R. Choudhary. 3. Alterations in water relation parameters in Bhindi under biotic stress/K.K. Bora, R. Ganesh and Sudha R. Mathur. 4. Alleviation of biotic stress caused by pests in fenugreek/Shivaji Singh Manohar and C.P.S. Yadava. 5. Seed physiological responses of salinity phytoremediating species to abiotic stresses/Karan Singh, Arvind Kumar, B.L. Kakralya and S.K. Bishnoi. 6. Phytoremediation of soil salinity by halophytes/Subhash Mahala, Karan Singh, S.K. Bishnoi and Sushma Sharma. 7. Heavy metals in vegetables from textile industrial area, Sanganer/T.I. Khan, Neetu Singh, Rajesh Yadav and Deepika M. Solomon. 8. Monitoring of herbicide toxicity by using pollen of successive flowers as indicators/S.A. Salgare. 9. Effect of saline irrigation and cycocel on seed germination and yield of barley/B.S. Afria, D.L. Bagdi and B.L. Yadav. 10. Effect of gypsum and sulphur glass frits on yield and quality in mustard/Nuzhat Khan, Ishrat Khan, Altaf Ahmad, N. Biswas and M.Z. Abdin. 11. Crop improvemental strategies for abiotic stress resistance in tomato/M.S. Fageria, Karan Singh, R.S. Dhaka and M.K. Agrawal. 12. Seed physiological approach for evaluation of drought tolerance in groundnut/Karan Singh and B.L. Kakralya. 13. Beneficial aspects of simulated water stress for seed invigoration in greengram/B.L. Kakralya, Karan Singh and S.K. Mahawat. 14. Beneficial osmotic stress management in fabaceous crops/Karan Singh and B.L. Kakralya. 15. Response of cauliflower to row spacing and nitrogen/R.S. Dhaka, Kuldeep Singh and M.S. Fageria. 16. Soil properties as influenced by nutrient management in maize + pigeonpea Inter–cropping system/A.R.K. Pathan, K.L. Totawat, P.C. Kanthaliya and S.K. Sharma. 17. Effect of zinc, growth promoters and biofertiliser on the growth and yield of Sesamum/K. Thanunathan, M. Thiruppathi, M. Ganapathy, M. Prakash and V. Manivannan. 18. Effect of nitrogen and growth regulators on fruit development in Solanum khasianum Clarke/M.W. Joshi and P.W. Gadgil. 19. Zinc absorption by different crops grown in soils of Rajasthan/D.R. Chaudhary, B.L. Baser and K.L. Totawat. 20. Salinity-fertility interaction in physiology of pearl millet/B.K. Garg, S. Kathju, S.P. Vyas and A.N. Lahiri. 21. Physiological and biochemical characters association in rice/A.P. Sharma, K.N. Singh and B. Sahai. 22. Effect of terpenoids on yield and biochemical constituents in wheat/K.K. Talwar, B.R. Chhabra, Karam Chand and Sukhwant Kaur. 23. Nodal roots in wheat/P.K. Varma, K.N. Ruwali, A.N. Mishra and H.N. Pandey. 24. Effect of chemicals on fruit quality and yield of guava/G.S. Dhaliwal and Dimple Bariana. 25. Identification of morpho-physiological traits for excess soil moisture tolerance in maize/Pervez H. Zaidi and N.N. Singh. 26. Response of brassinosteroid and thiourea in mitigating the effect of water stress in mustard/S.L. Salvi and D.D. Sharma. 27. Physiological studies on growth, flowering and yield of soybean/A. Hemantaranjan and A.K. Trivedi. 28. Character association for temperature and salinity tolerance in wheat seedling/Hemlata Dadheech, E.V.D. Sastry, A. Kumar and Amit Dadheech. 29. Rhizosphere microflora of chilli/Sameer Sharma and A. Bohra. 30. Cold storage behaviour of guava/Avtar Singh and S.S. Sandhu. 31. Sulphur nutrition for groundnut + sesamum inter–cropping system/A.R.K. Pathan, P.C. Kanthaliya and S.K. Sharma. 32. Effect of weed compost on the production of maize/Sanjay R. Biradar and Bharati Jadhav. 33. Empirical diagnostic criteria of boron tolerance in wheat/B.R. Chhipa and P. Lal. 34. Ionic uptake of sunflower as influenced by sulphur nutrition/A.K. Gupta and H.M. Helal. 35. Herbicides as growth substances/S.A. Salgare. 36. Response of chickpea of biofertilisers and phosphorus under rainfed conditions/Sudesh Kumar, P.K. Sharma and G.L. Yadav. 37. Performance of different maturity groups of cowpea varieties in western Rajasthan/A. Henry. 38. Changes of antioxidative enzymes due to submergence and desubmergence and its relation to flooding tolerance in rice/R.K. Sarkar and Avijit Das. 39. Osmotic adjustment as a mechanism for drought tolerance in coconut/K.V. Kasturi Bai and V. Rajagopal. 40. Effect of waterlogging and salinity on environmental physiology of some halophytes/M.L. Harsh and S.K. Godara. 41. Temperature effects on pearl millet/Saroj Nain and S.P. Vyas. 42. Physiological and biochemical traits of rice associated with tolerance to iron toxicity/K.K. Baruah and B.C. Nath. 43. Physiological responses of cluster bean to cycocel application under salinity stress/N.S. Nathawat, Karan Singh, B.S. Afria, Rajiv Kumar and M.S. Kuhad. 44. Physico-nutritional changes in ber as influenced by GA3 during storage/M.C. Meena and L.K. Dashora. 45. Induction of phenols as a phytoalexin response in groundnut rust resistance/A.L. Rathna Kumar and P. Balasubramanian. 46. Influence of nitrogen on potato tuber quality/Archana Peshin. 47. High yielding and nutrient efficient variants suited to arid areas in moth bean/D. Kumar, M. Singh, S. Gaur and N. Rathore.
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