Challenges to India's Integrity : Terrorism, Casteism, Communalism

Ved Bhatnagar, Rawat, 1998, 243 p, ISBN : 817033442X, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Challenges to India's Integrity : Terrorism, Casteism, Communalism/Ved Bhatnagar

Contents: Introduction. 1. Dimensions of terrorism in Punjab. 2. The death of a hero: rise and fall of V.P. Singh. 3. The danger within: threat from subversion. 4. Memorial at Hussainiwala: lack of national pride. 5. Caste tensions and turbulence in the society. 6. Atrocities on SCs and STs and the rise of Dalit consciousness. 7. The travail of Disharmony: the facets of communalism. 8. Bureaucracy, corruption and social change. 9. At the stroke of midnight: unfulfilled promises. Annexures. Bibliography. Index.

"This book is in the form of random reflections regarding various aspects touching the integrity of our country. At the dawn of independence we all cherished visions of grandeur and glory, but that hope has been belied. The country is now rocked by the problem of terrorism, rise of communalism, casteism and social disharmony, and has recently witnessed communal riots and considerable caste tensions. The mindless killings in Punjab due to terrorism and chain suicides by young persons due to caste hysteria shocked the conscience of the people. Rampant corruption and politicization of the services have retarded the progress and amelioration of lot of the downtrodden and economically deprived. People suffer from a general sense of their promises being unfulfilled. The main aim, therefore, is to warn the people of the country of the dangerous trends developing in our society.

India’s unity has been described as unity in diversity, having a glow of the rainbow with all its vibrant colours, a stream where other streams have blended and contributed to its richness. It is described as a mosaic where all the ingredients are welded strongly to make it a whole. Is the mosaic intact or there are cracks? Do we notice the cracks or are we short-sighted? Does the resurgence of problems of terrorism, communalism and casteism pose a serious threat to the country? These vital issues have been thoroughly analyzed in the book." (jacket)

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