Atomic Energy and Indias Nuclear Capability

S.N. Virnave, Anmol, 2001, 142 p, ISBN : 8126109947, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Atomic Energy and Indias Nuclear Capability/S.N. Virnave

Contents: Preface. 1. The Atom. 2. Radioactivity. 3. Nuclear energy. 4. India’s achievement in Atomic energy. 5. Growth of nuclear reactor technology. 6. Heavy water. 7. Radiosotopes. 8. Nuclear power. 9. High technology research and development activities. 10. International atomic energy agency. 11. Training manpower for Nuclear Industry. 12. Impact of nuclear radiation on environment. 13. Nuclear explosion. 14. India’s nuclear agenda: strategy and approach. References. Index.

"Atomic Energy and India’s Nuclear Capability is a unique book, first of its kind which deals with a wide range of topics and issues related to the discovery of atomic energy and its subsequent development of immense significance to the mankind. The book reflects an overview of the entire nuclear fuel cycle commencing from prospecting and mining of atomic fuel raw materials, its chemical processing and fabrication of fuel elements for atomic reactors, development of reactor technology including designing, erection and commissioning and its commercial utilization for production of nuclear power, radioisotopes, reprocessing of spent fuel and its management ensuring stringent safety considerations and adherence to environmental norms.

The concluding chapter is devoted to outline India’s nuclear doctrine and its determined effort to build and develop credible minimum deterrent capability in consideration of its national security. It brings out the problem of nuclear India into the larger arena of public debate.

The main thrust of the book is to project India’s achievement and its quest to catch up with the evolving trend and expanding growth in this high-tech field of nuclear science and technology.

The book is well laid out with beautiful illustrations combining scientific concepts and principles underlying the growth of nuclear technology and its strategic importance." (jacket)


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