And America Attacked : Monster of Terrorism in 21 Century

Edited by Govind B. Mishra, Akansha, 2002, viii, 232 p, ISBN : 8187606142, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

And America Attacked : Monster of Terrorism in 21 Century/edited by Govind B. Mishra

Contents: Preface. 1. And America attacked. 2. A sight of global terror. 3. Osama bin Laden: the protagonist or villain? 4. Patronizing international terrorism. 5. A dangerous future. 6. Anatomy of terrorism. 7. Revolutionary terrorism. 8. Terrorism as crime. 9. Management of terrorist organizations. 10. Terrorism and high-technology weapons. 11. Harbour of international terrorism: imperialist military bases in the Indian ocean. 12. Terrorism in historicity: fascism. 13. Experiments in combating terrorism. 14. Terrorism: tactics, targets and technologies. 15. America’s bomb culture. 16. Anti-terrorism: how far? Bibliography. Index.

"Beyond imagination, America was attacked on Sept. 11, 2001 when monumental towers of World Trade Center and America’s Army Headquarters Pentagon were hit, collapsing the entire structure of former twin towers – killing thousands of people and destroying the property of billions of dollars. No doubt, this heinous and barbaric act is a blot on humanity and must be condemned. But remember ‘what you sow so shall you reap’. It is America who gave birth and patronized the modern world terrorism. Now US is the victim of its own creations. The retaliatory counter-attacks are on. Remember! This should not take turn to Islam vs. imperialism (or Christianity).

The present book is designed to bring an exhaustive analysis of the world terrorism in the aftermath of terrorist attacks on America.

Various crucial issues like anatomy of terrorism, terrorism as crime, a sight at global terrorism, patronising international terrorism, terrorism in historicity, revolutionary terrorism, managing terrorist organisations, high tech terrorist weapons, anti-terrorist measures, experiments in combating terrorism, profile of Osama bin Laden and a dangerous future etc. are elaborately treated in the present book." (jacket)

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