A Text Book of Entomology

R. Mathur, Campus Books, 2002, 372 p, ISBN : 8187815647, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Text Book of Entomology/R. Mathur

Contents: Preface. 1. Digestive system. 2. The respiratory system. 3. Respiration in aquatic and endoparasitic insects. 4. The circulatory system. 5. Excretory system. 6. Reproductive system. 7. Nervous system and sense organs. 8. The glands of secretion. 9. Pheromones.

"This fascinating book has been carefully organised to meet the long felt of increasingly large number of those who dealt with different aspects of Entomology. It provides a balanced and integrated treatment of the entire field of Entomology. It is an adequate text for all requirements in this area for most University Students. The primary aim throughout has been clarity so as to make the text selective and meaningful. It is hoped that the undergraduate & Post Graduate students will find the valuable and recent information about the subject. It provides a nucleus around which the teacher can plan a successful course without too much learning on complementary and supplementary readings. This text will definitely prove to be a boon to teachers, students and research scholars." (jacket)

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