Orissan Temple Architecture Vastusatra With Sanskrit Text and English Translation

N.K. Bose, Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, 2001, xxiii, 164 p, ill., plates, ISBN : 8186050671, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Orissan Temple Architecture Vastusatra With Sanskrit Text and English Translation/N.K. Bose

Contents: Introduction. Orissan temple architecture—N.K. Bose. 1. The book of architecture and its author. 2. Classification of soils. 3. A chapter on augury. 4. Determination of the Naga’s position. 5. Astrological considerations. 6. Astrological considerations (contd.). 7. The auspicious ceremony. 8. Miscellaneous matters. 9. Certain general questions. 10. The different types of Orissan temples. 11. On pedestals. 12. The Rekha temple : general apportionment of parts. 13. The Rekha temple ; detailed vertical specification. 14. The Rekha temple (contd.) : certain details of construction. 15. The Rekha temple (concluded): specifications of different examples. 16. The Bhadra temple : general considerations. 17. The Bhadra temple (continued) : specification of different examples. 18. The Khakhara temple. 19. Miscellaneous. 20. Dictionary of architectural terms. Appendices. Index.

"The book aims at studying the architectural aspect of the Orissan temples. It gives a clear idea of the silpa shastra in general and Bhuvanapradipa, late medieval silpa-shastra text in particular, as important sources for the study of Orissan architecture. The author has arranged the material according to specific topics such as classification of soils upon which the temple is to be built, auspicious ceremonies and classification of temple types and their constituent parts. The text’s analysis of system’s proportion of various temples types is also presented in an admirable manner. An introduction to the book surveys the development of temple architecture in Orissa to enable the students, scholars and other readers to understand the characteristic features of the art." (jacket)

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