Round Kangchenjunga : A Narrative of Mountain Travel and Exploration

Douglas W. Freshfield, Indian, 2002, Reprint, xvi, 362 p, maps, Illus, ISBN : 8173412219, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Round Kangchenjunga : A Narrative of Mountain Travel and Exploration/Douglas W. Freshfield

Contents: Preface. 1. The Himalaya. 2. Sikhim and Kangchenjunga. 3. Darjiling. 4. The Foothills. 5. The Teesta Gorges. 6. The Zemu Glen and Glacier. 7. Lhonak. 8. The Jonsong La. 9. The Vale of Kangbachen. 10. The Kang La. 11. Jongri and the Guicha La. 12. The return to Darjiling. 13. Tibetan Curios/Le Mesurier. Appendices : A.The geological structure and physical features CF Sikhim/E.J. Garwood. B. Notes on the maps/E.J. Garwood. C. The Narratives of the Pundits. D. The native names of the highest measured peak/The Author. E. List of books and maps consulted.

"The name Kangchenjunga (however it may be spelled) is fairly familiar to the British public. A superb object from ‘the Mall’ of the most frequented health resort of Bengal, the great mountain is the most conspicuous of Himalayan peaks. Of late years a few officials and travellers have undertaken the pilgrimage to its southern base which had been made from prehistoric times by the native dwellers on the lower spurs. But, owing partly to the cost and the difficulty of travel in Independent Sikhim, and partly to the obstacle presented by the Nepalese frontier, no European had, up to the end of the nineteenth century, gone round the mountain.

This volume is a description of the first Tour of Kangchenjunga made by Europeans. Its object is not so much to offer another tale of mountaineering adventure as to provide an account of the scenery and glacial features of the Kangchenjunga Group that may be serviceable to Alpine climbers and men of science, and not without interest for those who ‘love the glories of the world’ and count among them great mountains." (jacket)

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