Asia Annual - 2001

Edited by Mahavir Singh, Shipra, 2001, x, 302 p, ISBN : 8175410957, $31.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Asia Annual - 2001/edited by Mahavir Singh

Contents: Introduction. 1. The Islamic, the Pre-Islamic and the modernist in Central Asian religion/Anita Sengupta. 2. On India’s problems of rule and the realities of globalisation: studying theory, studying politics/Prasenjit Maiti. 3. Mongolia and the Soviet Union: a study of political relations (1921-1990)/Sharad Kumar Soni. 4. fundamentalism in Bangladesh (1975-1990)/Abanti Adhikari. 5. ‘Mahalgaroi’ and fragmentation of Tajik Society during the Tajik Civil War (1990-92)/Suchandana Chatterjee. 6. Governance in Bangladesh: institutions and processes/Muhammad Tajuddin. 7. A search for identity: crises of ‘Nationalism’ in the North-East India/Soma Ghosal. 8. Modernisation in Afghanistan (1880-1901): futile experiments?/Arpita Basu Roy. 9. Pakistan’s involvement with Taliban/Sreedhar. 10. Pakistan’s fourth military regime/Kalim Bahadur. 11. Long, long war in Sri Lanka/V. Suryanarayan. 12. Towards civil society resilience, good governance and peace in South Asia: the case of Bangladesh/Meghna Guhathakurta. 13. Nuclear factor in Sino-Indian relations/Swaran Singh. 14. The question of Indonesian unity/Ganganath Jha. 15. Russia and the Tajik civil war/Mohd. Monir Alam. Asian events 2000. Documents: 1. US-India relations: a vision for the 21 century. 2. Valadimir Putin’s visit to India (October , 2000). 3. The Shanghai five declaration (July, 2000).

"Central Asian region, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Srilanka, Mangolia and India and a wide range of issues pertaining to geo-politics of the region, socio-cultural contacts to globalisation are covered in this second issue of Asia Annual.

Besides fifteen well researched articles by specialists of the respective areas, a summary of events for the year 2000 and the text of three important declarations of the year are added for the ready reference of the readers." (jacket)

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