Basic Concepts of Parent Education

Edited by S. Venkataiah, Anmol, 2001, viii, 293 p, ISBN : 8126108169, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Basic Concepts of Parent Education/edited by S. Venkataiah

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Parent education programmes. 3. Parent involvement in schools. 4. Integrated learning theory. 5. Parenting. 6. Competency of parent education. 7. Search for equality. 8. Parent involvement. 9. Creativity and intelligence test. Index.

"A systematic and conceptually based programme intended to impart information, awareness, or skills to the participants on aspects of parenting is parent education. A major goal of parenting becomes, to help child to grow into an adequate human being who feels a sense of self-significance. The use of democratic child rearing practices recommended by Dreikurs has the potential to help a child to grow in a worthy human being. It does, however, require that parents bring about a change in their own behaviour. Parents would need to take the initiative in modifying their own behavioural pattern and reactions to faulty, misdirected goals of the child if any change in the latter’s behaviour is to be effected.

This book is designed to educate parents for cultivating congenial outlook and behavior for their wards." (jacket)

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