A History of Arabic Literature

Clement Huart, Goodword, 2002, Reprint, viii, 472 p, ISBN : 8187570687, $14.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A History of Arabic Literature/Clement HuartContents: 1. The climate and the race – origins of Arabic poetry – its primitive forms. 2. Pre-Islamic poetry. 3. The Koran. 4. The Omeyyad dynasty. 5. The ‘Abbasids. 6. The ‘Abbasids (continued). 7. The ‘Abbasids (continued). 8. The ‘Abbasids (continued). 9. The ‘Abbasids (continued). 10. Arabic literature from the capture of Bagdad down to the end of the eighteenth century. 11. The nineteenth century. 12. The periodical press. Bibliography. Index.
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