Academic Library Automation

Edited by Shyama Balakrishnan and P.K. Paliwal, Anmol, 2001, viii, 264 p, ISBN : 8126108525, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Academic Library Automation/edited by Shyama Balakrishnan and P.K. Paliwal

Contents: Preface. 1. Automated cataloguing. 2. CD-ROM network. 3. Wide information service. 4. Serials automation. 5. Library automation. 6. Automation scenario. 7. Database integrity. Index.

"An automated system can allow a smaller staff to process materials faster at a lower cost, a real boon to libraries in this age of cost cutting and staff reductions. Whether an academic library is planning to purchase its first automated system or is planning to have a more advanced system, a study should be done to determine what operations will be automated and what the system should be able to do? Automated systems are either commercially developed turnkey integrated systems, or locally developed or single function stand-alone computers.

The present book is designed to equip the academics and library professionals with basic knowledge about library automation. The entire information is scientifically organised in seven chapters." (jacket)

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