Problems of Education in India

Ram Nath Sharma and Rajendra K. Sharma, Atlantic, 2006, Second edition, vi, 437 p, ISBN : 9788171566129, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Problems of Education in India/Ram Nath Sharma and Rajendra K. Sharma

Contents: Preface. 1. Problems of education. 2. Organisations providing education. 3. Problems of explosion of knowledge. 4. Problems of educational administration and supervision. 5. Problems of educational method. 6. Problems of education of the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. 7. Problems of women education. 8. Population education. 9. Social education or adult education. 10. Problems of pre-primary education. 11. Problems of primary education. 12. Problems of wastage and stagnation in primary education. 13. Universalisation of primary education.14. Problems of secondary education. 15. Problems of diversification of secondary education courses. 16. Problems of multi-purpose schools. 17. Problems of curriculum construction. 18. Problems of text book nationalisation. 19. Problems of public schools. 20. Problems of standardisation in education. 21. Language problem in India. 22. Problems of work experience in education. 23. Technical and vocational education : vocationalization. 24. Secularism, religious and moral education. 25. Physical education. 26. Health education. 27. Problems of higher education. 28. Teacher education and teacher’s training. 29. Problems of evaluation and examination. 30. Student unrest and indiscipline. 31. Political impact on education. 32. Social and economic impact on education. 33. Technological impact on education. 34. Indianisation of education : important experiments. 35. Education for national and emotional integration. 36. Education for international and inter-cultural understanding. 37. Education for democracy. 38. Education for modernisation. 39. Education in India today. Question Bank: (a) Essay type questions. (b) Short Answer questions. Bibliography.

"The book deals with the problems of education : Pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher secondary, college and University level education. It discusses the various spheres of education like : women education, adult education, education of the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. The various political, technological and social impacts on education are analysed. The book examines the various types of education: population education, physical education, Health education, religious and moral education, technological education, teacher education. Evaluating the different aims of education like education for democracy, education for national and emotional integration, education for international and inter-cultural understanding, it discusses the problems peculiar to the entire structure of education : administration and supervision, curriculum, evaluation and examination, work experience, medium of instruction. It deals with problems peculiar to expansion of education : universalisation, diversification, text book nationalisation, standardisation, Indianisation and modernisation. And lastly presents, the latest position of education in India in its chapter "Education in India Today’." (jacket)

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