Glimpses of Hindu Astrology and Some Aspects of Indology

S.R.N. Murthy, Satguru, 1993, xiii, 308 p, ISBN : 8170303834, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Glimpses of Hindu Astrology and Some Aspects of Indology/S.R.N. Murthy

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. The evolution of time. 2. The fourth dimension. 3. Rationale of astrology. 4. The astrological control. 5. Approaching the third approximation. 6. The Indian chronology. 7. Mundane astrology. 8. Adityachara. 9. Movements of the moon. 10. Movements of mars and Mercury. 11. Jupiterain movements. 12. Venus in marriage. 13. The planet Saturn in astrology. 14. Varahamihira and Viking on mars. 15. Is Ayanamsha revolutionary? 16. Astrology and national crisis. 17. Planets and self generating economy. 18. Relativity theory and judicial astrology. 19. The Hindu Calendar. 20. Astrological basis of economic planning. 21. Planets and environment. 22. Geological aspects of the Brhatasmhita. 23. Some astrological aspects of Vastu. 24. Importance of Vastu in Mundane astrology. 25. Astrological indication for ground water. 26. Astrology and gems. 27. Planets and sound vibrations. 28. Operation Hiroshima. 29. The Vedic river Sarasvati. 30. The Solar control of mountain formation. 31.; Geological veracity of Cheiro’s earthquake prediction. 32. Varahamihira on earthquakes. 33. Prognostication of earthquakes. 34. Causes of earthquakes. 35. Planetary purturbations and earthquakes. 36. Tides and earthquakes. 37. Forecasting earthquakes. 38. Astrological evaluation of personality. 39. Rationale of the Ashtakavarga. 40. Using divisional charts in Horoscopic studies. 41. The Vedic science of Aeronautics. 42. Astrology and abnormal places of birth. 43. The astrological basis of Hindu Philosophy. 44. The astrological aspects of the Bhagavadgita. 45. The astrology of Kundalini. Selected bibliography. Appendix. Index.

"Astrology the Vedic science of stars/time gained a status of science (Sastra) in the East, especially in India as an undivided part of the Vedas (Vedanga) while it did not gain such a position in the Western civilization even to this day. While astrology and astronomy were developed side by side in the orient, only astronomy was developed in the occident to the exclusion of astrology.

In the Indian context, it is difficult to separate the two disciplines and almost all activities of Hindu society is controlled by them since ages. That Hindu astrology has its roots in the Vedic literature is very well known.

The present volume is a collection of articles written for "The Astrological Magazine "The author deals with an unusual versatility with the abstruse topic of the evolution of time, comparing time with space and clubbing the two as a uni-dimensional force. His thoughts on the fourth dimension foray into ancient Hindu literature on the subject. Some of the articles depict clearly the rationale of astrology, judicial astrology and how it fits with Einstein’s Theory of relativity. He has dealt with matters relating to Kalpas or time cycles, the Hindu Calendar, Indian Chronology, movements of Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Venus and how they affect human affairs, the topic of Ayanamsa, economy and planets, Vastu principles, ground water, gems, sound. His articles on earthquakes deserve serious attention by the seismologists." (jacket)

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