Ramakrishna Paramahansa

Som P. Ranchan, Konark, 2002, 62 p, ISBN : 8122006272, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ramakrishna Paramahansa/Som P. RanchanFrom the preface: "The legend is well known: Vivekananda going up to Paramahansa asking him to prove that God existed, and Paramahansa replying that he was seeing God just as he was looking at Vivek. Only Paramahansa could have said so. For to him God was not a concept as with the theologians or most of the Godmen. He was an immediate presence to be experienced through bhavasamadhi. Nor was experience limited by temporal and physical categories of days, years, male, female for Paramahansa. He did not need to kill the female element within him like his mentor, Totapuri. He did not have to crave for physical consummation either for he had easily achieved the coniunctio of the male and female within him. Paramahansa was a man and a woman. He was a child even as a young man and never lost his youth till the end. His life was a complete text. He could merge and fuse into all the elements of nature giving and receiving nourishment from them. At times, his multitudinous aspect was awe-inspiring. Yet it was possible to communicate with him like a child. Words must flow out in Stuti to this incarnate of the wisdom of the heart. His qualities need to be introjected into our own personality to recognize its lacks and absences; his life needs to be followed as a pilgrimage which leads us to none other than ourselves."
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