Stories from the Panchatantra : Ancient Stories with Moral Values or Fables

Esther Mary Lyons, Books for All, 2002, 114 p, ISBN : 817386246X, $15.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Stories from the Panchatantra : Ancient Stories with Moral Values or Fables/Esther Mary Lyons

Contents: 1. The monkey’s heart. 2. The crow couple and the cobra. 3. The singing donkey. 4. The foolish scholars. 5. The talkative tortoise. 6. The Heron and the crab. 7. The wise rabbit. 8. The lion, the fox and the ass. 9. The cobra-son and the daughter-in-law. 10. Tit for tat. 11. Unity is strength. 12. The dreamer. 13. The cat’s judgement. 14. The muni and the mouse. 15. The pet mongoose. 16. The mighty lion King. 17. The painted jackal. 18. The hollow drum. 19. The uninvited guest. 20. The three fish.

"Panchatantra is a collection of classic stories originally written in Sanskrit in ancient times in India by Pandit Vishnu Sharma. It is the world’s most ancient collections stories mainly with animal characters. ‘Panch’ means five and ‘tantra’ means methods. They are insightful and thought provoking. The stories of Panchatantra are re-told by Esther Mary Lyons in English an English Teacher with many years of teaching experience in India now teaching English in Australia. She was born in Calcutta, educated in Allahabad and has done B.Ed., M.Ed. and Grad Diploma in special Education from Sydney University Teacher’s College, and Bathurst University (Australia).

The author thinks the stories from Panchatantra are dedicated to build and provide methods for the development process of a child through interesting stories, moral teaching and creative pursuits. The stories are retold in a unique manner by Esther Mary Lyons."

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