A Critique of Indian Education (Developing Insights)

R.P. Singh, Ravi, 2002, viii, 318 p, ISBN : 8188276006, $36.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Critique of Indian Education (Developing Insights)/R.P. Singh

Contents: Preface. 1. A critique of Indian education. 2. 1857—a re-assessment. 3. Language policy during company rule. 4. Research in history of education in India. 5. Teacher awards—a note on its history. 6. Education on the concurrent list: a historical analysis. 7. The nature of teaching. 8. Unearthing buried treasures of learning the treasure within. 9. Lala Lajpat Rai: a modern educationist. 10. Nehru on education. 11. Comparative education—a neglected discipline in India. 12. Experiments in supervision and support services. 13. Education of the deprived groups—the problem of access. 14. Modernity of tradition in Indian education the revival of Indian languages and indigenous systems of educations. 15. Non-governmental effort in education. 16. The national commission on teachers I & II (1983-1985). 17. The Russian influence on Indian education. 18. Teacher education in India in the Third Millennium. 19. Training of the IES. 20. A lesson on the Vedas. Index.

"The present publication is an intellectual treat for those who propose to be most up-to-date in research and research reporting in social sciences—illustrative examples being supplied from the field of history. It also carries highly reflective papers on the nature of teaching and on the scheme of the IES--a scheme that the Government of India has been toying with for the past many of years.

The essays on comparative education and education being put on the concurrent list are unique in as much as that this kind of analyses are hard to come by." (jacket)

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