Architectural Handbooks Series : Bathrooms

Charanjit S. Shah, CBS Publishers & Distributors, 2002, xi, 120 p, plates, figs, ISBN : 8123907761, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Architectural Handbooks Series : Bathrooms/Charanjit S. Shah

Contents : Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. History of bathrooms. 3. Plumbing and drainage. 4. Sanitary fittings. 5. Bathroom fittings and faucets. 6. Bathroom accessories. 7. Bathroom standards. 8. Bathroom layouts. 9. Design elements. 10. Storage. 11. Material application. 12. Water heating systems. 13. Problem areas in the bathroom. 14. Waterproofing treatment. 15. Innovative ideas. 16. Public toilets and sanitation. Appendices.

"Architects Handbook : ready reckoner and the Water supply and sanitation has inspired and encouraged the author Charanjit S. Shah to make further significant contribution to the professional literature in the field of architecture. The Architectural Handbooks Series aims to provide encyclopedic information and professional data on various architectural topics. The author plans to have five volumes on various aspects of ‘building construction’. The text of each volume attempts to provide history of construction, basic materials and their techniques alongwith the applications and other various aspects of practical concern in construction management and systems.

Bathrooms is an exclusive publication of its kind, having technical data alongwith the architectural details and minimum standards. The visual and design aspects, alongwith the construction techniques and behaviour of various materials, have been well elaborated. From a utility bathroom to luxury and commercial bathroom, the various elements have been critically analysed and detailed in this book which will be beneficial to architects, engineers and also lay house-builders. Architect’s references have been made simple by this publication on the basic understanding of all elements of bathrooms."

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