A Handbook of Environment Impact Assessment

V.S. Kulkarni, S.N. Kaul and R.K. Trivedy, Scientific, 2019, vi, 203 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 9788172332990, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Handbook of Environment Impact Assessment/V.S. Kulkarni, S.N. Kaul and R.K. Trivedy

Contents: Preface. I. Introduction: 1. Concept of EIA. 2., Hierachy in EIA. 3. Major issues in EIA. 4. Scope for use of computers in EIA. 5. Scope of current research. II. Literature review: 1. Evolution of EIA worldwide. 2. Evolution of EIA in India. 3. Classification of environmental impacts. 4. Project screening. 5. Methodology of site selection. 6. EIA methodologies. 7. Computer aided EIA. 8. Impact quantification techniques. 9. Mathematical models for EIA. 10. Indicators of biological and socio-economic environment. 11. Environmental indices. 12. Enlarged scope of EIA of industrial projects. 13. Conclusion. EIA-Aid : a software package for computer aided EIA: 1. Package organization. 2. Screening of projects. 3. Ranking of site alternatives. 4. Impact identification. 5. Prediction of impacts. 6. Impact evaluation. 7. Sensitivity analysis in impact evaluation. 8. Design of green belt. IV. Discussions and conclusions.

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