101 Kerala Delicacies

G. Padma Vijay, Rupa & Co, 2000, Reprint, xiii, 132 p, ISBN : 8171672787, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

101 Kerala Delicacies/G. Padma Vijay

Contents: 1. Preface. 2. Helpful hints. 3. Cooking glossary. 4. Pickles & Chutneys. 5. Vegetarian dishes. 6. Prawn dishes. 7. Fish dishes. 8. Egg & chicken dishes. 9. Mutton dishes. 10. Pork dishes. 11. Snacks. 12. Desserts & sweets.

"101 Kerala Delicacies is a collection of traditional and popular dishes from different parts of Kerala. The book is an insight into a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian Keralite meal, which is traditionally served on a banana leaf.

A complete meal consists of hot boiled rice which is eaten with ghee, a pickle, appam or pappadam, curd and a variety of vegetarian dishes such as Thoran (coconut based curry), Theeyal (a sour gravy curry) or non-vegetarian dishes such as Chemmeen curry (prawn curry) and Meen curry (fish curry). A festive meal, in addition to the above dishes is rounded up with a rice and coconut milk (or milk) kheer called pradhaman, which is also made with fruits and dal. The book also gives a comprehensive account of breakfast dishes. Rice is used as the main ingredient in dishes like idiappams, vellappams, vataiappam. No meal in Kerala is complete without the tongue-tickling chips made from Malabar plantains (raw), jackfruit and the starch rich root vegetable, the tapioca."

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