The Shadow of Kamakhya : Stories

Indira Goswami, Rupa & Co, 2001, viii, 195 p, ISBN : 8171676065, $17.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

The Shadow of Kamakhya : Stories/Indira Goswami

Contents: 1. The journey. 2. The offspring. 3. The empty chest. 4. Under the shadow of Kamakhya. 5. The beasts. 6. Parasu’s well. 7. Dwarka and his gun. 8. To break a begging bowl. Glossary.

"The Shadow of Kamakhya is a collection of stories set in Assam. Handpicked by the author, the stories are invested with a wealth of detail, which evoke a feel of the region. The themes explored, however, are wide-ranging—the pain of thwarted passion, blighted hopes, the struggle for existence—and they transcend the ambience with ease.

The stories are characterised by an unusual sensitivity and a felicity of expression, which at times borders on the poetic. Translating them is no mean feat. But the translators have been successful in capturing much of the intensity of the originals." (jacket)

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