Allah is Known Through Reason

Harun Yahya, Goodword, 2000, 208 p, ISBN : 8187570059, $17.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Allah is Known Through Reason/Harun Yahya

Contents: I. The fact of creation in the light of scientific evidence: 1. Introduction. 2. From non-being to being. 3. The signs in the Heavens and on the earth. 4. Scientists confirm the signs of Allah. 5. Scientific facts and the miracle of the Qur’an. II. Those who are unable to see the fact of creation : 6. Evolution deceit. 7. Philosophies that made the mistake of denying Allah. 8. The harms of a society model with no belief in Allah. 9. The true promised home: the hereafter. 10. A very different approach to matter. 11. Relativity of time and the reality of fate. Conclusion. Footnotes.

"How do we know the existence of Allah? How is it possible to think that the balance in the world came about by coincidence when the extraordinary harmony of nature is observable even with the naked eye? It is the most unreasonable claim to say that the universe, each point of which suggests the existence of its Creator, has come into being on its own. Therefore, there should be an owner of the balance visible everywhere from our body to the farthest corners of the inconceivably vast universe. So, who is this Creator that ordained everything so subtly and created all?

He cannot be any material being present within the universe, because He must be a will that existed before the universe and created the universe thereupon. The Almighty Creator in whom everything finds existence, yet whose existence is without any beginning or end. Religion teaches us the identity of our Creator whose existence we discover with our reason. Through what He has revealed to us as religion, we know that He is Allah, the compassionate and the merciful, who created the heavens and the earth from nothing. This book is a summons to think about the universe and the living things Allah has created and to see the perfection in their creation."

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