India's Development After Independence

Edited by B.M. Jauhari, Gyan, 2002, 399 p, ISBN : 8121207770, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

India's Development After Independence/edited by B.M. Jauhari

Contents: Preface. I. Economy of India—from nationalisation to privatisation: 1. Fifty years of India’s independence economic reforms—past, present and future/N. Vittal. 2. Growth of income and consumption in India/Shri Prakash and Shalini Singh. 3. Need for further widening the direct taxes base in the new millennium/A.K. Jain. 4. Globalisation versus Swadeshi/V.M. Tarkunde. 5. Role of the state and economic planning/I.C. Dhingra. 6. Development of power sector after independence/Raj Kumar. 7. Financial sector reforms/S.K. Singh. 8. Indian agricultural export performance and the emerging world trading system—prospects and challenges/S.A.R. Bilgrami. 9. Financial sector reforms in India and future threats/Dev Raj. 10. Economy of India from nationalization to privatisation/Madan Verma. 11. Economic reforms and employment/B.M. Jauhari and Monita Mohan. 12. Foreign direct investment in India—issues and problems/Monita Mohan, Shailesh Nagar and Nitin Nagar. II. Polity, constitution and the parliamentary democracy: 13. The crisis of nation state in India/H.M. Jain. 14. Polity, constitution and parliamentary democracy/M.K. Jain. 15. Jawahar Lal Nehru and constitution making in India/H.M. Jain. III. Social organisation—cultural and moral values: 16. Cultural and moral values in independent India/M.C. Bhartiya and Ravinder Kumar. 17. Water—a looming crisis/Afroz Ahmad. 18. Implications of Bhagwat Geeta for sustainable human development/M.M. Goel. IV. Science, education and technology—future perspective: 19. Preventive environmental management/Deepak Jain. 20. Science, technology and education—perspectives and path ahead/Monika Jauhari and Anurag Saxena. 21. Technical education in India—growth and future concerns/S.P. Singh. 22. Changing economic scenario-managerial challenges/R.L. Varshney. 23. Some signposts in social sciences for year 2000/Tarlok Singh. 24. Youth, education and social transformation/S. Kashyap. Annexure. Index.

"This rich collection of papers contributed by eminent social scientists and specialists clearly depicts a remarkable change in various sectors of the Indian sub-continent since the down of independence. The glaring phenomenon of parliamentary democracy led to the inauguration of numerous economic measures in private and public sectors, covering economic reforms, showing substantial progress in the fields of agriculture, power sector, foreign investment in India and globalisation vs Swadeshi. Whereas proper attention has been paid for the development of science and technology, emphasis on scientific research finds deep linkage with the education of the youths and their social transformation. Thus an effort has been made to show the quantum of progress achieved in different domains covering the urban and rural population.

Undoubtedly this work would be useful for teachers, students, scholars and others who are interested in our developmental schemes." (jacket)

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