A Judge's Extra-Judicial Miscellany

V R Krishna Iyer, BRPC, 2001, xii, 307 p, ISBN : 8176461989, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Judge's Extra-Judicial Miscellany/V.R. Krishna Iyer

Contents: Preface. 1. Rowlatt Act, TADA and POTA – criminal injustice cousins. 2. Psychology and criminology – a dynamic Nexus and Noetic symbiosis. 3. Judicial power – a management mess? 4. Fundamental responsibilities of the bar for its survival as in instrument of justice. 5. Gender justice – dimensions and frustrations and the March to the future. 6. Explosive Ambedkar’s vision : a value revolution in society and state. 7. The integral Yoga of democratic governance and guarantee of human rights. 8. Defence of human rights of people of developing countries, against Nuclear Terrorism and GATT-WTO, and emasculation of the United Nations. 9. Nikhil-a lament and a lecture. 10. The Indian judiciary – whose fiduciary? 11. Crimson coalition of the Bench and the Bar to sentinel environmental justice. 12. Future shock or paradise regained? 13. Industrial dispute resolution – policy issues and adjudicatory processes. 14. The K.S. Ardhanareeswara Iyer memorial lecture. 15. Right to Health as a basic right. 16. Dalits, women and environmentalists-crisis escalation and resolution. 17. Hara-kiri of democracy or Power Grab adventurism. 18. Sardar Sarovar : developmental wonder or Danse Macabre? 19. Indian judicature – millennial transformation. 20. WTO Ho. Index.

"The book A Judge’s Extra-Judicial Miscellany contains articles and lectures delivered by Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer on various subjects relating to law and jurisprudence. There is no fled into which he does not delve with his typical erudite scholarship and offers valuable suggestions on subjects which include fundamental responsibilities of the Bar for its survival as an instrument of justice, the integral Yoga of democratic governance and guarantee of human rights; defence of human rights of people of developing countries against nuclear terrorism; Dalits, women and environmentalists, and Indian judicature – millennial transformation.

The book which is a Judge’s extra judicial miscellany is a veritable mine for the jurisprudents, socio-political activists, champions of downtrodden, human rights activists, law students and not the least to the judicial ‘robed’ clan." (jacket)

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