Tantra Vidya : Based on Archaic Astronomy and Tantric Yoga

Oscar Marcel Hinze. Translation from the Original German by V.M. Bedekar, Motilal, 2002, Reprint, viii, 116 p, illus, ISBN : 8120805607, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Tantra Vidya : Based on Archaic Astronomy and Tantric Yoga/Oscar Marcel Hinze

Contents: Preface. A. Understanding Archaic astronomy: I. On the psychology of Archaic perception. II. The seven lotus-flowers of the Kundalini-Yoga as a representation of the Archaic Gestalt-astronomy: 1. An introductory elucidation of the illustrations of Avalon. 2. Parallelisms to the symbolism of the seven lotus-flowers in other traditions. 3. The seven lotus-flowers and the number of their petals as an archaic representation of Gestalt-astronomy according to the system of Ptolemy. B. Parmenides and the Tantric Yoga: 1. Parmenides. 2. The Tantric Yoga. 3. Characteristic signs of the Kundalini-Yoga and the corresponding signs in the teaching of Parmenides. Bibliography. Index.

"This contains two dissertations on (1) Understanding Archaic Astronomy and (2) Parmenides and the Tantric Yoga. Of these the first dissertation concerns with the understanding of Archaic Astronomy from the stand-point of a psychologist of perception, trained in Astronomy. The author deals with the psychology of perception and the seven Lotus-flowers of the Kundalini-Yoga--by elucidating the study of Arthur Avalon (John Woodroffe), giving parallels in other traditions, while presenting a comparative study on its bearing on Astronomy according to Ptolemy.

The second dissertation attempts to correlate Tantric Yoga (especially in reference to Kundalini Yoga) with the teaching of the Eleatic Parmenides, one of the earliest founders of Western Philosophy. While giving a description of the cosmological and philosophical doctrines of the Tantric Yoga, the author gives in his study a comparative estimate of both the systems by showing the empirical process of Kundalini Yoga vis-à-vis the doctrinal poem of Parmenides. The study throws new light on Parmenides and his doctrine clearing away the mist of misunderstanding in Western Philosophy." (jacket)

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