Indian Poisonous Snakes (An Ecological and Clinical Study)

Edited by B.D. Sharma, Anmol, 2002, xiii, 341 p, ISBN : 8126111461, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Indian Poisonous Snakes (An Ecological and Clinical Study)/edited by B.D. Sharma

Contents: Preface. I. General and bioecology: 1. Special adaptations of snakes/B/D. Sharma. 2. Scientific handling of snakes/Satish Kumar Sharma. 3. Fauna of Indian snakes: a checklist/B.D. Sharma. 4. Scientific and vernacular names of some common Indian snakes of India/B.D. Sharma. 5. Fauna of Indian snakes and their conservation: an overview/T.S.N. Murthy. 6. Some aspects of venomous Indian snakes/B.D. Sharma. 7. Venomous snakes of North-East India/R. Mathew. 8. The cobras of genus Naja in India/Wolfgang Wuster. 9. The genus Daboia (serpentes: Viperidae)/Russell’s viper/Wolfgang Wuster. 10. Ecology of saw-scaled viper, Echis carinatus (Schn.)/B.D. Sharma and N.E. Vad. II. Clinical study: 11. Antivenin production in India/Suresh S. Jadhav and Subhash V. Kapre. 12. Method of snakebite/Sherman A. Minton. 13. Epidemiology of snakebite in India/B.B. Goitonde and M.D. Banda. 14. Treatment of snakebite and envenomation/B.B. Gaitonde. 15. Study of 1140 cases of poisonous snakebite envenomation in a rural hospital of South Konkan coast of Maharashtra over a period of eight years (1986 to 1993)/R.S. Kulkarni. 16. The Irula Venom Centre-India/Romulus Whitaker and Harry Andrew. A Directory of resource persons, organizations and periodicals: 17. A directory of resource persons/institutions in India and abroad contributed to the study of poisonous snakes in general with special reference to the Asiatic species.

"India has always had the somewhat unenviable reputation of harbouring some of the world’s most venomous snakes.

The present book aims to present an uptodate and comprehensive account of ecological and clinical study of Indian species of poisonous snakes. The contributions of the eminent researchers and experts have been compiled in the book to facilitate and give fillip to all future researchers on the subject.

The salient features of the present book are:

It is the first seminal contribution on the ecology and clinical study of poisonous snakes of India.
The contributions of various experts have been given in a simple and easily understandable language.
The book contains a directory of various resource persons/organizations contributing to the study of poisonous snakes in general and Asiatic species in particular in India and abroad.
A comprehensive bibliography of poisonous snakes of India has been given in the book.
It is hoped that the present book should not only educate the lay masses in understanding the poisonous snakes, but would also help the herpetologists, ecologists, environmentalists, medical professionals and researchers interested in the study of snakebite envenomation, its management and treatment." (jacket)

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