Advanced Chordate Zoology (6 Vols-Set)

Gurdarshan Singh and H. Bhaskar, Campus Books, 2002, lxviii, 1573 p, 6 Vols, tables, figs, ISBN : 8180300137, $116.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Advanced Chordate Zoology/Gurdarshan Singh and H. Bhaskar

Contents: Vol. I: Mammals: Preface. 1. Characters and classification of mammalia. 2. Prototheria: skeleton. 3. Metatheria: characters and affinities. 4. Oryctolagus: the rabbit. 5. Rabbit-endoskeleton. 6. Rabbit-integument. 7. Rabbit-body cavity and viscera. 8. Rabbit-digestive system. 9. Rabbit-respiratory system. 10. Rabbit-circulatory system. 11. Rabbit-nervous system. 12. Rabbit-sense organs. 13. Rabbit-endocrine system. 14. Rabbit-excretory system. 15. Rabbit-reproductive system. 16. Embryology of the rabbit. 17. Placentation in mammals. 18. Dentition in mammals. 19. Aquatic mammals. 20. The origin and adaptive radiation of mammals.

Vol. II: Protochordata: Preface. 1. Classification and general characteristics of protochordata. 2. Some representatives of protochordata. 3. Balanoglossus. 4. Phylogeny and affinities of Hemichordata. 5. Herdmania. 6. Phylogeny and affinities of Herdmania. 7. Amphioxus (Branchiostoma). 8. Phylogeny and affinities of Cephalochordates.

Vol. III: Reptiles: Preface. 1. Classification of reptilia. 2. Uromastix hardwickii (the spiny tailed lizard). 3. Uromastix digestive system. 4. Uromastix circulatory system. 5. Uromastix nervous system. 6. Uromastix sense organs. 7. Uromastix urinogenital system. 8. Calotes versicolor: the garden lizard. 9. Kachuga. 10. Snakes. 11. Dinosaurs. 12. Thermoregulation in reptiles. 13. Origin, evolution and adaptive radiation of reptiles.

Vol. IV: Birds: Preface. 1. General characters and classification of Aves (birds). 2. Some representatives of class Aves. 3. Columba Livia. 4. Integument and exoskeleton of Columba. 5. Musculature and perching mechanism of Columba. 6. Digestive system of Columba. 7. Respiratory system of Columba. 8. Circulatory system of Columba. 9. Nervous system of Columba. 10. Sense organs of Columba. 11. Urinogenital system of Columba. 12. Endoskeleton of fowl. 13. Embryology of chick. 14. Palate in birds. 15. Birds are glorified reptiles. 16. Archaeopteryx. 17. Flightless birds or Ratitae. 18. Flight in Birds. 19. Flight adaptations of birds. 20. Migration of birds. 21. Modifications of beaks in birds. 22. Types of feet in birds. 23. Territorial behaviour of birds. 24. Reproductive behaviour of birds. 25. Economic importance of birds.

Vol. V: Amphibia: Preface. 1. Classification of Amphibia. 2. Rana tigrina: common Indian bull frog. 3. Frog-skin. Frog-skeletal system. 5. Frog-muscular system. 6. Frog-coelom. 6. Frog-digestive system. 8. Frog-respiratory system. 9. Frog-circulatory system. 10. Frog-blood and its functions. 11. Frog-Lymphatic system. 12. Frog-nervous system. 13. Frog-sensory organs. 14. Frog-urinogenital system. 15. Development of frog. 16. Necturus (Mud puppy). 17. Parental care in Amphibia. 18. Neoteny and paedogenesis. 19. Stegocephalia. 20. Evolution and adaptive radiation of Amphibia.

Vol. VI: Fishes: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Classification of fishes. 3. Cyclostomata. 4. Scoliodon. 5. Labeo Rohita. 6. Integument and it’s derivatives. 7. Locomotion in fishes. 8. Digestion in fishes. 9. Respiration in fishes. 10. Blood circulation in fishes. 11. Excretion in fishes. 12. Osmoregulation in fishes. 13. Nervous system in fishes. 14. Reproduction in fishes. 15. Endocrine glands in fishes. 16. Migration in fishes. 17. Adaptations in fishes. 18. Electric organs in fishes. 19. Accessory respiratory organs in fishes. 20. Ecology of fishes. 21. Fishes in general.

"The "Advanced Chordate Zoology" includes all the classes of chordates i.e. Protochordata, Fishes, Amphibia, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals. In each book on each class give the detailed classification, morphology, anatomy and development with well-labelled diagrams. It covers the familiar and important types or animals for studies. It is hoped that each book will be of utmost use for the students and other learners.

Acute awareness is taken to provide explanatory illustrations to make it possibly useful for the graduate and post-graduate students of all Indian University. Authors hope that the series will be proved to be a boon for the readers, students as well as teachers." (jacket)

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