Commerce Education in New Millennium

Ramendu Roy and J.N. Mishra, Kitab Mahal, 2002, xii, 288 p, ISBN : 8122502768, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Commerce Education in New Millennium/Ramendu Roy and J.N. MishraContents: 1. E-marketing/R.D. Sharma and Gurjeet Kaur. 2. Information technology and electronic commerce/Alok Srivastava. 3. Leveraging information technology for value chain integration/Anil Srivastava. 4. Information technology (IT) and E-Commerce : the changing face of the Indian business/Naveen Prakash. 5. Information technology and e-commerce/Pradeep Jain and Nikhil Jain. 6. E-payment options in India/Kamlesh N. Agrawala. 7. Incorporating e-commerce in commerce education/D.P.S. Verma, Surendra Kumar and Gaytri Verma. 8. Electronic commerce : a critical issue/Akhil Mishra. 9. Emerging trends in e-commerce : data ware-housing and data mining/Subhojit Banerjee. 10. Information technology and e-commerce/Gurinder Singh. 11. E-HR--transforming the role of human resources/U.N. Agarwala and Pooja Narain. 12. Corporate governance--a mantra for success/Alka Munjal. 13. Corporative governance in global environment/B.N. Asthana. 14. Corporate governance--global and Indian perspective/N.C. Agrawal. 15. Corporate governance in India/R.C. Sharma. 16. Corporate governance in India inc : the road ahead/G. Kotreshwar and M. Kanchan. 17. A cautious approach to technology infusion through foreign investments/Peeush Ranjan Agrawal and Ganesh P. Sahu. 18. Role of foreign direct investment in increasing India’s global competitiveness/Sanjay Negi. 19. Changing scenario of India’s foreign trade/J.N. Mishra and Kamlesh Kumari. 20. Fourth largest economy in the world--its external trade scenario/A.A. Siddiqui. 21. Buy-back of shares and the fate of small investors/M.M. Maji. 22. Presentation skills/Nageshwar Rao and R.P. Das. 23. Assessing communication skills among potential and highly successful managers for corporate success : an empirical study/R.S. Dwivedi. 24. Accounting education and researches in Indian business education/H.K. Singh and Meera Singh. 25. Accounting standards/Pratap Vishnoi, Manisha Vishnoi and J.K. Sharma. 26. Growth in income tax base : a comparison of developed and developing countries/D.P.S. Verma and Indu Jain.
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