Radha Soami : Saints of India

Edited by S.R. Bakshi and Sangh Mittra, Criterion Pub, 2002, Encyclopaedia of Saints of India, xiv, 268 p, ISBN : 8179380270, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Radha Soami : Saints of India/edited by S.R. Bakshi and Sangh Mittra

Contents: Preface. 1. Brief sketch of Soamiji. 2. The Sant Mat. 3. Role of the Guru. 4. True name. 5. Simran. 6. Dhyan. 7. Satguru. 8. Satsang. 9. Meditation. 10. The inner voice. 11. Consequences of our actions. 12. Guru or Master. Index.

"Radha Soami Mat is a school for spiritual enlightenment and realization of reality. Like Guru Nanak Dev, Kabir, Tulsi Sahib and other saints, Soamiji is also a true and perfect saint. Soamiji lays much emphasis on satsang, satguru and Name, Nam or Shabad. Guru is God Himself in the human form and we should search for a true and perfect Guru. We should sacrifice our body and develop extreme love and devotion for our Guru. Then the form of our Guru will stay in our heart. The theme consists of twelve chapters i.e. sketch of Soamiji, the Sant Mat, role of the Guru, true name, Simran, Dhyan, Satguru, Satsang, meditation, the inner voice, our actions and Guru or Master.

This wok would be useful for teachers, students and followers of Soamiji." (jacket)

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